Wednesday, 24 April 2013

2013 ABF Challenge - Test Colour Scheme

I suppose I should explain the background to this. The North Wexford Gamers organised their first tournament in 2009 in Wexford. The NWG have since developed into The Last Chancers, who are based in the Hobby Shack in Wicklow town, but the tournament has continued every year. Initially a one-day Warhammer tournament, it expanded in the second year to two days and added Warhammer 40,000. The tournament continues to go from strength to strength, mostly due to the excellent work done behind the scenes by the guys behind the scenes. This year's event will be held on the last weekend in September in the Grand Hotel in Wicklow. If you're interested in finding out more, you should check out the Wargaming Ireland forum (

In 2011, I switched to Warhammer 40,000 from my previous Warhammer exploits (I've been to this event every year it has been held). That year, the organisers named the Warhammer 40,000 Best Painted Army award to the "Anyone But Frank" Award. It was, of course, won by Frank (Frank O'Donnell of the Dublin Games Guild, a good friend of mine and writer of the wonderful blog If It Wasn't For Ones - with a wonderfully converted and painted Renegade Imperial Guard army. The next year a number of players set themselves the challenge of collecting and painting a new army for NWG2012, the best of which was given the now-official "Anyone But Frank" award as judged by Frank himself. Most players (myself included) failed to complete the ABF challenge.

So, on to this year, and NWG2013 is about five months away, so it's time to get working on my challenge for this year. I decided to go back to the first army I collected back when I started out playing many years ago, Chaos Space Marines, and more specifically the Black Legion. My army is based around the force of the Chaos Lord Khazarak the Defiler. Lord Khazarak had a little "dispute" with Abbadon the Despoiler, and decided to take those fighters loyal to him, board his ships and set off looking for a good fight. Over the millennia, Lord Khazarak has defeated numerous other Chaos warlords, adding their forces to his.

For NWG2013, I will be painting up a warband led by Lord Kharanak's subordinate, Adrak the Pleasureseeker, Champion of Slaanesh. This army will consist of largely Slaanesh-marked Marines along with Cultist, Vehicle and Daemon support. I don't have an army list in mind yet, I want to get some stuff painted up first. The test model can be seen below.

 photo DSCF0005.jpg  photo DSCF0006.jpg  photo DSCF0004.jpg
Sometimes I find it useful to view pictures of the model on my computer screen, as it shows up things not quite so visible to the naked eye. I may need to neaten up a few highlights and am concerned that the base is a little dull for such a dark model, maybe a little bit of static grass will liven up the base.


  1. Your dead on Lenny a bit of colour on the base will make the model pop I'd the same problem with the Vraks army because the bases where mostly mud but little bits of green here & there did the job.

    I like the test model & good luck with the rest of the army I'll be keeping an eye on it's progress.

    1. Thanks Frank, have since added a couple of small patches of static grass on the base and it did the job nicely, provides a bit of colour and makes the slate pieces stand out a bit more too. I have some really interesting ideas for basing for the Helldrake I'm planning to add, I think you'll like it but I'll say no more here for now.

  2. Realy good free hand on the shoulder pads lenny. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh

    1. Thanks Johno, takes a bit of effort but I think it helps make the army stand out that bit more.

      I have made a slight change, I removed the Chaos rune from the Mark of Slaanesh, put it in the bottom corner of the shoulder pad with a second rune on the other corner. Should help with squad identification too.