Monday, 20 May 2013

An Experiment in Paint Stripping - Fairy Power Spray

 photo DSCF0030.jpgThis is the stuff. Not exactly cheap either.

So I have been reliably informed that Fairy Power Spray is a very effective paint remover and it's safe to use on plastic models too, so since I intended to use some of my old Chaos Space Marine models in my ABF2013 army, I thought I'd give it a shot and let all you lovely readers see how I got on.

 photo DSCF0032.jpgOur guinea pigs. I was a real talented painter back in the day.

The model with the Plasma Gun is a 2nd edition metal Chaos Marine. The model on the far left is a 2nd edition plastic Chaos Marine, converted with a Khorne Berserker chainblade. The other models are from the 3rd edition plastic Chaos Marine box. I decided to mix it up a little and include both metal and plastic parts.

 photo DSCF0033.jpg

I broke the models down and removed the bases. Thankfully the old GW polystyrene cement creates nothing like the bond the stuff I use now does. The container is an old Privateer Press blister pack.

 photo DSCF0034.jpg

I then sprayed the models with the Fairy Power Spray, closed the container to contain the smell and left it overnight.

 photo DSCF0002.jpg

The next afternoon, I ran some water into the sink. I then scrubbed the models with a toothbrush. As you can see from the photo above, the metal figure cleaned better. I then sprayed the models again and resealed the container

 photo DSCF0003.jpg

After a couple of hours, I scrubbed the models with the toothbrush again. This removed a little extra paint, but not a lot. I then cleaned the Fairy Power Spray from the container and added some clean water and left the models to soak in that to remove any remaining Fairy Power Spray.

 photo DSCF0004.jpg

Finally, I left the parts out on some toilet roll to allow them to dry.

I found the Fairy Power Spray worked a lot quicker than Dettol, which I had used before to strip models. It also seemed to take more paint off the models. As you can see above, the models did not strip back to bare plastic, but nothing I have ever tried has, either. It's mostly just primer, and the detail on the figures is all visible and can be repainted. Most importantly, the paint did not come off as a gunky, sticky residue, which is a major problem with using Dettol.

I'm sure if I resprayed the parts, I could get more paint off, but at this point, I had them in a condition I could work with, so I was happy with the results.

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