Sunday, 23 June 2013

ABF army update III - Conversion Corner

This week I have been working on a couple of projects. I've been assembling and converting up some more Chaos Space Marine models for my ABF army. I've assembled the whole squad now, the first two Marines are painted so just have to finish the other eight. Anyway, here's some photos of the assembled models and a little bit of commentary on what I did to them.

If you'd like to see the paint scheme, see this post -
I also used the parts I stripped the paint from in an earlier post, which is here -

 photo DSCF0033.jpg

The first model up is the squad's Aspiring Champion. Here I used an old metal Chaos Marine body from 2nd edition. I clipped the left foot away from the base tab and bent the leg so that I could put it on the piece of basing slate. To this I added some re-used Plasma Pistol and Power Sword arms from the 3th edition Chaos Space Marine boxed set, as well as a re-used backpack from a plastic 2nd edition Chaos Space Marine.

 photo DSCF0028.jpg

This Chaos Marine is mostly unused parts taken from the 3rd edition Chaos Space Marine boxed set. The re-used parts come from different sources. The backpack is from the 3rd edition Chaos Marines, the left arm is from a 2nd edition Marine, while the chainsword comes from a plastic Khorne Berserker.

 photo DSCF0029.jpg

I photographed this model from the side so you could see the tentacle I made out of green stuff to replace the lower leg. I chopped the leg at the knee joint, clipped off the bits from the greave (lower leg armour plate) and filed it down. I then drilled into the remaining part of the leg, added a pin and then added the green stuff tentacle. I then used the end of a paintbrush to add little dents to the tentacle, and my sculpting tool to a few details. The body and Bolt Pistol arm come from a 2nd edition plastic Marine and the rest are new parts. The 2nd edition plastics had a flat join rather than the current ball and socket design, so I had to cut down the top of the legs to make a flat section so I could glue the body on.

 photo DSCF0031.jpg

This model is based around the re-used body. The legs, body and head were all stuck together, so I just added new parts to complete the model, apart from the left arm replacement, which is from a plastic Daemonette. I had to cut down the Daemonette arm, but the shoulder pad covers that up nicely while still displaying the claw.

 photo DSCF0020.jpg

This model is almost completely re-used. All I did here was alter the angle of the right Bolter arm, so that it extended out rather than across the body, a simple cut and re-gluing at the shoulder.

 photo DSCF0022.jpg

This model re-uses the legs and backpack from a 2nd edition Marine. I used the head from a Daemonette, and instead of a left arm I made a green stuff tentacle to hold the Plasma Gun instead, for no real reason other than I wanted to make it a little different.

 photo DSCF0024.jpg

This model is almost entirely new pieces from the 3rd edition Chaos Marine boxed set, with only a re-used Bolt Pistol originally from the same kit.

 photo DSCF0026.jpg

Finally, a metal 2nd edition Plasma Gunner. Couldn't do an awful lot with this as it's a one piece metal (apart from the backpack), although I did need to take some time to file the right shoulder pad down (a lot of the Chaos Marine models and shoulder pad parts have some symbols sculpted on, but I find it gets in the way of my own symbols I plan to use on my force for squad cohesion and recognition).

Now all I have to do is paint them up!


  1. Nice job Lenny I think I've some spawn bits knowing around if they would be any good to you.

    1. Great thing about Chaos is you can use nearly anything. I never even used any of those Possessed parts yet, maybe next squad.

  2. i like the tentacle arm, thats real cool. very slaanesh