Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nobody ever expects the Inquisition!

 photo DSCF0001.jpg The first members of my Inquisitor warband, Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Stefen Hendelmann and former officer of the Catachan XXVII, Captain Jeremiah Stein.

So, how did the forces of Inquisitor Hendelmann fare out on the battlefield? Here's a segment from the Inquisitor's diary detailing the events of our first scenario. Thanks to Frank for running the scenario, was an interesting introduction to the game and campaign. For anyone interested, Frank's own report can be read here - http://ifitwasntforone.blogspot.ie/2013/04/inq28-lift-off.html. You may note I have stolen his pictures, I should really bring my own camera next time.

9256989M41, Narusk, Lucky Space. Author : Inquisitor Stefen Hendelmann, Ordo Malleus.

My investigation into the addictive substance known as "flects" has taken my band and I to the planet of Narusk, on the Galactic fringe known only as "Lucky Space". We will need to be careful out here, as there will not be the organisations of the Imperium to aid us out here. After a voyage of many months, we made planetfall on Narusk and immediately began our investigations. After several weeks, we recieved some information about a gang leader of the abhuman Neoblin who may have the information I had been seeking. I set out for the shanty town I had been told the gang controlled, bringing Jeremiah Stein with me but leaving my other operatives to continue their work.

As we arrived to the outskirts of the shanty town, we were soon to discover we were not alone with the Neoblin. I took the time to set up a pictcaster on a Servo-Skull, which allowed me to record events for later study. We approached the shanty town from the south east where we observed the Neoblin scattered around the shanty town area. As I cautiously approached the nearest Neoblin, I heard a voice shout out, I believe in Low Gothic but couldn't make out what was said. Shots began to ring out as I spoke with the nearest Neoblin. While he didn't seem to speak Gothic, I was able to make myself understood and he pointed out his leader to me. I approached the leader while trying to keep myself covered as best I could. As I spoke to the Neoblin gang leader, an Arco-Flagellant slaughtered his way through the Neoblin gangers before being brought down by weight of fire. A sniper attempted to kill the Neoblin leader, but as it turned out the Leader had some very interesting information for me. As I prepared to kill the Neoblin to prevent anyone else obtaining it I was distracted by gunfire from the west and the Neoblin took this opportunity to escape in a rusty old truck. I alerted Jeremiah and we retreated under cover of the falling darkness.

We're not alone here on Narusk. There are others out there searching for the information imparted to me by the Neoblin. Who they are, and who they work for, I do not know, but there's not many out here in Lucky Space with access to an Arco-Flagellant. I think things have just gotten a little more interesting.......

Some photos from the game.
 photo DSCF0001.jpg  photo DSCF0002.jpg  photo DSCF0004.jpg  photo DSCF0005.jpg  photo DSCF0006.jpg  photo DSCF0007.jpg  photo DSCF0008.jpg  photo DSCF0009.jpg  photo DSCF0010.jpg  photo DSCF0012.jpg


  1. Good report Lenny, we'll be back in the fold again next week & Ralph should finally be adding his warband to the mix.

    1. Better write up the next game's report before that.