Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Hobby Butterfly calls again - Lizardmen

 photo DSCF0001.jpg Overlord Snappy surveys his brethren!

Yes, the problem begins again. This time, it's Lizardmen. I bought a pile of Lizardmen a while back, and they've been sitting in the box for some time. I came across them again recently, so I thought I'd check out what I had. Not all of the models are fully assembled (or else pieces have fallen off), so luckily I got the sprues with spare parts on them as well as a few Skink bodies. I think I might have a couple of blister packs of Chameleon Skinks somewhere too, will have to check the box in my parent's attic when I'm home next.

So if I picked up a few extra bits, maybe a box of Skinks, a Skink Priest, maybe a Stegadon and a Slaan and converted up a couple of the Saurus Cavalry into Scar Veterans, I could have the core of a new army ready to go when the new army book is ready. Add some of the new kits then, could easily have a 2400 point army reasonably quickly.

I'll paint up a Skink in the colour scheme I have in mind, see if it will work or not.

 photo DSCF0050.jpg The contents of my magical bag of Lizards.


  1. Lenny you must try to stand strong when the butterfly calls, I know its hard but you must try.

  2. You're just lucky there's no alligator themed army in 40K (and no, Salamanders Space Marines don't count)