Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ultramarines - A painting guide

 photo Step7-Complete.jpg I've always been a fan of the classic Ultramarines colour scheme, so I decided to paint up a test model, just a normal Tactical Marine. I really like the result, so I'm considering entering a full squad into the Emerald Daemon painting competition, to be held at the NWG tournament at the end of September. Since the requirements for the competition include WIP photographs (this proves that the person who enters has actually painted the model themselves, and also that it is recent work), I've decided to do a guide for how I painted the above model.

For more on the Emerald Daemon, see here -

First of all I painted all the main colours on the model, the blue, yellow, red, black and silver. I then completed the details and basing afterward. All paints from the current GW range unless specified otherwise.

 photo Step1.jpg

Step 1 - Spray the model with black primer.

 photo Step2.jpg

Step 2 - Basecoat the model with Macragge Blue. Fill in all black and metal areas with Abbadon Black, and then paint all metal areas with P3 Pig Iron.

 photo Step3.jpg

Step 3 - Wash the entire model with Nuln Oil.

 photo Step4.jpg

Step 4 - Layer the blue areas with Macragge Blue and the silver areas with P3 Pig Iron, leaving the black in any recesses. The yellow areas (chest eagle and shoulder trim) are basecoated Averland Sunset and the red (pistol casing) is Khorne Red.

 photo Step5.jpg

Step 5 - Layer the yellow areas with Yriel Yellow, and the red with Wazdakka Red, leaving the basecoat in the recesses. Edge highlight the blue plates with Calgar Blue, the silver with P3 Cold Steel, and the black with Dawnstone.

 photo Step6.jpg

Step 6 - Highlight the chest eagle and the outer edge of the shoulder pad with Flash Gitz Yellow, and the pistol casing with Evil Sunz Scarlet. Finally, glaze the armour plates with Guilliman Blue. This completes the main areas of the model, just the details to finish.

 photo Step7-Complete.jpg

The red and silver Bolter is painted in the same manner as the Bolt Pistol.
The eye and lens are basecoated Khorne Red, then highlighted Wazdakka Red and a final dot of Evil Sunz Scarlet.

 photo Step7-Right.jpg

I carefully painted the Tactical symbol on the shoulder pad in Ceramite White, then overpainted White Scar until I got a smooth colour. I then painted the squad number with Abbadon Black.

 photo Step7-Left.jpgThe Ultramarines chapter symbol was painted Ceramite White, then had White Scar painted over to get a smooth white. I then re-applied Macragge Blue to neaten it up.
The purity seal was basecoated Khorne Red, then layered Wazdakka Red and highlighted Evil Sunz Scarlet.
The parchment was basecoated with P3 Bloodstone (a light brown), then layered with P3 Menoth White Base (a cream like colour), then highlighted with P3 Menoth White Highlight (which is an off-white). I then added the writing with Abbadon Black.

 photo Step7-Back.jpg

Finally, I based the model. I stuck on the branch first, which is from a pack of deadfall wood I bought in Mark's Models. I then applied the sand (a mix of GW sand and some course ballast) and then washed it with Agrax Earthshade. I then glued on the coarse turf after that dried, before painting the rim in Abbadon Black.


  1. I'm starting to pick holes in some of the work, I can see a few splashes of misplaced paint now that I'm looking at the models on my screen.

    And I do agree on the Anyone But United comment.

  2. I always find fault with my models AFTER I take a picture. It's like the flash finds flaws.

  3. It's like we all have magic cameras.