Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bring me my Gators....and make it Snappy

I entered the Who's the Daddy? Warmachine/HORDES tournament in Gamers World last Sunday. I'll have a report up soon, but for now here's a couple of pictures of the new additions to my Blindwater Congregation army.

Gatorman Witch Doctor
 photo DSCF0046.jpg

Bog Trog Ambushers
 photo DSCF0047.jpg

Both additions will give me more options when it comes to building lists. The Gatorman Witch Doctor is a support solo. He can make units Undead and Tough, or control enemy Undead models, or sacrifice a nearby model to damage an enemy. He also allows you to force nearby warbeasts if you need to move them out of your warlock's control range.

The Bog Trogs don't need to deploy on the board, but can come in on either side in any turn after the first. They give you a 14" threat range from either side, which can be helpful to take out annoying enemy support solos, as well as forcing your opponent to keep his warcaster/lock central, as they can charge on the turn they arrive at effective MAT8, boosted P&S11 damage. They also have CMA, in case you need to hit high DEF or crack high ARM.

Both of these additions proved handy at the tournament, more details on that later in the week.

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