Saturday, 6 July 2013

Nobody ever expects the Inquisition! - Part II

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Inquisitor Hendelmann and Captain Stein (AKA The Gruesome Twosome) return for another outing.

After our first game of Inquisitor detailed here -, another month passed quickly and it was the last Wednesday of May, which meant it was time for more Inquisitor. Frank ran the session again, his report can be found on his blog If It Wasn't For Ones (link - My opponents were Jamie and Patrick once again. Now over to the private diaries of Inquisitor Hendelmann again.

9301989M41, Narusk, Lucky Space. Author : Inquisitor Stefen Hendelmann, Ordo Malleus.

My investigations into the mysterious narcotic known only as flects were greatly advanced by the information obtained from those unpleasant Neoblin Xenos. The Rogue Trader Maxnillia is to be my next target, but the news that another Inquisitor involved means I will need to be very careful about who I share my information with. My information led me to a chemical plant on the outskirts of the planetary capital, figuring I may need some muscle again I brought Jeremiah with me once more.

We approached the chemical plant under cover from the south-west. We approached cautiously, but as we closed in we found we were not alone. An Arco-Flagellant could be seen to the north. I can not be certain it was the same one as before, but how many Arco-Flagellants could there be on an isolated world in Lucky Space? The figure controlling it did not appear to be the sniper from before. I climbed onto the roof of an outbuilding to get a better view, while I sent Jeremiah forward to find the cogitator terminal about which I had been informed. As I reached the roof I found myself trading fire with a powerful figure wielding what seemed to be a needle pistol. My position on the roof and his position behind some old waste barrels meant our fire was ineffective. From my vantage point on the roof I could see Jeremiah had found the cogitator, although he appeared to be having trouble accessing it. It was at this point I noticed the Arco-Flagellant was now active and heading straight for Jeremiah! I tried to shout a warning but the creature bounded forward at great speed and begun to rain blows down on Jeremiah, who drew his chainsword but was unable to withstand the creature's furious attack, although he did get in one decent blow with his chainsword before being beaten into unconsciousness.

The man with the needle pistol then came under fire from the figure who had accompanied the Arco-Flagellant. As the firepower aimed my way had lessened, I noticed him slink away using his cover to engage this new threat. This gave me an opportunity to get to the cogitator and Jeremiah, but the Arco-Flagellant was in my way. I climbed down from the building, drew my Daemonblade and engaged the creature. I landed a heavy blow to the Arco-Flagellant's groin, knocking it to the ground. From this position I was able to land a series of blows, but the Arco-Flagellant was tough and it took a number of strikes to subdue. Finally I managed to do so, only to see my previous opponent spread-eagled on the ground as the controller of the Arco-Flagellant blasted him with pistol fire, and then moved to engage another enemy. As I was under no immediate threat, I was able to reach Jeremiah and stabilise his wounds before activating the cogitator and locating the data I required. All that was left to do at this point was corrupt the data and leave unnoticed.

As I sat aboard my ship, reviewing the picts I had taken from my servo-skull and the information from the cogitator, I began to ponder the depths of this investigation. My chirurgeon had Jeremiah back in fighting fitness by the time we reached the Ticon System, and our next destination, the planet Tanta.

Some pictures from the game can be seen below.

 photo DSCF0013.jpg  photo DSCF0014.jpg  photo DSCF0015.jpg  photo DSCF0016.jpg  photo DSCF0017.jpg  photo DSCF0018.jpg  photo DSCF0019.jpg  photo DSCF0020.jpg  photo DSCF0021.jpg  photo DSCF0022.jpg  photo DSCF0023.jpg  photo DSCF0024.jpg  photo DSCF0025.jpg  photo DSCF0026.jpg  photo DSCF0027.jpg  photo DSCF0028.jpg  photo DSCF0029.jpg  photo DSCF0030.jpg  photo DSCF0032.jpg  photo DSCF0033.jpg  photo DSCF0034.jpg


  1. Nice one Lenny & gave nothing away.

    1. Well, we have played the next game since so I felt safe enough to mention certain things.

      I'll need to borrow your photos for the report on the next game.

  2. Sounds like you guys are having a real blast with this, well done lads.

    1. Well, when the players all break into song mid game, it's usually a good sign, right?