Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The SAGA continues - Flower of Scotland

So after buying into SAGA a few months back, I've finally gotten around to painting up some of the figures. I debated starting with the Bretons, but figured it might be easier to start with the infantry based Scots instead. I had roughly assembled the models for gaming, but wanted to do a bit more work before painting, mostly on the hands. The hands which hold the spears needed a little modification. First I needed to spread the fingers slightly further apart to grip the spears better, which involved me lightly gripping the hand with a pair of clippers and gently bending them. I also needed to do a bit of green stuff work, as the spear hands are sculpted without thumbs, although this was hardly the most difficult piece of sculpting work. Below is the first unit of Hearthguards. I painted the shields seperately from the rest of the models, as I usually do.

 photo Hearthguard1.jpg

My current force of Scots consists of a Warlord, 8 Hearthguard and 16 Warriors. This is a four point force, which is on the small side, I'm considering expanding up to eight points. To do this, I would like to buy 4 cavalry Hearthguards, 4 more infantry Hearthguard, 8 more Warriors and 12 Levy with bows. This would give me plenty of flexibility for four and six point games too. The current force is very solid but with neither cavalry or shooting, it can be difficult to finish off units to deny my opponent his SAGA dice. Cavalry and shooting will help with this, even though neither unit type can use many of the abilities on the Scots battle board.

I don't think it's likely I will expand past eight points. Unlike other games I play, there isn't multiple unit types or weapon upgrades to select from, so the proposed eight point force will have everything I will probably ever need. Instead of expanding the Scots further, I can just paint another faction instead.

Although I intend to have some kind of discipline and paint up my four point army before buying any more figures.

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