Friday, 26 July 2013

Who's the Daddy? Tournament Report

Last Sunday I attended the Who's the Daddy? Tournament in Gamers World. Who's the Daddy? is a variant of the Who's the Boss? format. Instead of a random warcaster/lock leading the force, you get a random Gargantuan/Colossal instead.

 photo DSCF0045.jpg Who's the Daddy? One of these guys. (You will notice my friend Snappy has once more sneaked into the photo, as he's the closest thing to a Gatorman Gargantuan we could get. I wasn't allowed use my homebrew rules for him.)

We had 15 players for the event. We had (I think) 4 Stormwalls, 4 Conquests, 3 Woldwraths, 2 Krakens, a Galleon, a Judicator, a Mountain King and an Archangel available to draw.

I brought my Gators to the event, we had to bring 25 point lists. I thought we had only one, but turns out we were allowed 2 and luckily I had brought all of my painted models and not just my list.

List One
 photo DSCF0039.jpg

Maelok, the Dreadbound (6 WP)
Blackhide Wrastler (9)
Bull Snapper (3)
Gatorman Witch Doctor (3)
Feralgeist (1)
Gatorman Posse - Leader & 4 Grunts (9)
Bog Trog Ambushers - Leader & 5 Grunts (5)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (1)

List Two
 photo DSCF0044.jpg

Bloody Barnabas (6 WP)
Ironback Spitter (8)
Bull Snapper (3)
Gatorman Witch Doctor (3)
Totem Hunter (3)
Gatorman Posse - Leader & 4 Grunts (9)
Bog Trog Ambushers - Leader & 5 Grunts (5)

Game 1 vs. Dave Masterson (Khador) - Ammunition Run scenario.

For this round, I got myself the Judicator, while Dave got the Archangel. Dave's force was led by pIrusk. He had Sylys, a Kodiak, full Winter Guard with UA, full Man-O-War Shocktroopers, min Battle Mechaniks and Kovnik Joe. I chose to use Barnabas.

Early on, both sides manoevered into position while taking a couple of pot shots and casting upkeep spells. My turn two was key as the Judicator's rockets destroyed the central objective for a control point, while my Bog Trogs appeared, charged the Archangel and rolled stupidly high for damage (out of four charge attacks, I rolled 17, 16, 15 and 14 for damage), leaving the Ironback Spitter an easy kill. Dave had his Winter Guard in the zone, Irusk feated making them nearly impossible to kill. The Man-O-Wars engaged the Judicator, damaging it, and refusing to die in turn. Tough 4+ and immune to knockdown is really hard to crack. The Totem Hunter jumped on Kovnik Joe, but he made both Tough rolls. I had hoped to kill Joe with the shield as he could then have hit Sylys with the spear as well. After a further turn I feated myself and with knocked down models and no more tough, cleared the zone. In the end I won on scenario, killing off the last of Dave's army apart from Irusk.

Win, by scenario, 5-1 CPs.

Game 2 vs. Eoin "Siskey" Dornan (Menoth) - Supply and Demand scenario.

I got a Woldwrath, while Siskey drew a Conquest. Siskey's army was pSeverius, Heirophant, Blessing of Vengeance, a Repenter, min Choir, full Zealots with Monolith Bearer, the Covenant, Vassal Mechanik, Vassal of Menoth, and pEiryss. I chose Barnabas again.

Siskey used his Menoth buffs to boost his Conquest to good effect. I, on the other hand, had a Woldwrath which didn't synergise with my army at all. I managed to destroy the Covenant as well as the Monolith Bearer with the ambushing Bog Trogs, who arrived in an awkward position for Siskey. The Gatormen ran up to the Zealots (who were unkillable for the turn), and thanks to their DEF 16 ARM 18 (Dirge of Mists and Iron Flesh ftw) survived to slaughter the Zealots. The Conquest charged into the Woldwrath and proceeded to beat the crap out of it, nearly destroying it. At this point the assassination was on, the Ironback Spitter nailed Severius, then the Witch Doctor sacrificed a Gator to do more damage. I finished off Severius with a charge from the Bog Trogs.

Win, by Assassination, 1-1 CPs.

Game 3 vs. Mike O'Brien (Menoth) - Into the Breach scenario.

I got a Conquest this time, while Mike got the Archangel, so I got to fight it again. Mike also had pSeverius, as well as a Heirophant, a Reckoner, full Temple Flameguard with UA, min Choir, 3 Wracks, a Vassal of Menoth, an Order of the Fist Allegiant, Gorman di Wulfe, Rhupert the Piper and Alten Ashley. This time, I took Maelok.

In this battle, the Conquest pushed forward to use it's guns on the Archangel. The Archangel had Vision on it, so I used the secondary guns first. Despite four shots needing 7s to hit, I missed completely, so I fired the main guns at the Reckoner. That missed too. The Bog Trogs and Gatorman Posse got stuck into a massive brawl with the Temple Flameguard (who can stack to massive DEF and ARM for such a cheap unit). Mike used his Vassal to boost his Archangel (4 SP10s a turn with +3 to hit and damage is horrible). He rolled very well for damage too (revenge for game 1 dice I think) and destroyed the Conquest and most of the Gators. Mike kept Severius well protected and in the end I used Maelok's feat to charge him and the remaining Gators into the Archangel. I came close to killing it, but no luck, and Mike finished off my army in return.

Loss, by Assassination, 0-4 CPs.

Another really enjoyable Warmahordes tournament. I think I'll just give up on the Warhammer and 40K tournament scene for a while, it's nice to play a tournament where skill and dice are more important than who brought the correct netlist. Everyone is really nice too and very helpful with new players and lending models and such. I thought the format was great fun too, and big thanks to Gerry Nolan for running it and everyone I played. In the end I finished 3rd, behind Mike and Eoin Brennan, who both went undefeated. I got Rask as a prize for "Most Vicious Player (who hasn't already won a prize)". I already own him, but I was able to trade him in against some of the cost of the Convergence of Cyriss book, which is a really interesting read even though I don't intend on collecting them.

Finally, I leave you with some photos from the action.  photo DSCF0053.jpg  photo DSCF0051.jpg  photo DSCF0049.jpg  photo DSCF0050.jpg  photo DSCF0054.jpg


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