Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dirty Filthy Cheesy...... and The Hobby Butterfly Strikes Again

My friend Karl is heading to England for college in a couple of weeks, so today we met up for a game. I was originally planning to bring Empire, but I couldn't find where I left my figures, so I brought my Dark Elves instead. Now, I play Karl regularly enough, and neither of us usually bring nasty lists, so I attempted to write up a non-cheesy Dark Elf lists.

So I came up with the following
Supreme Sorceress (330) - Level 4 (Shadow). Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation.
Master (159) - Battle Standard Bearer, Halberd. Armour of Darkness, Dawnstone.
Sorceress (175) - Level 2 (Fire). Tome of Furion, Ruby Ring of Ruin.
29 Warriors (243) - Shields, Full Command. Banner of Murder.
12 Crossbowmen (147) - Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician.
12 Crossbowmen (147) - Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician.
5 Dark Riders (117) - Repeater Crossbows, Musician.
20 Black Guard (310) - Full Command. Standard of Discipline.
10 Shades (170) - 2 Hand Weapons
Reaper Bolt Thrower (100) 
Reaper Bolt Thrower (100)

In the end, we played two games. The first game was fairly balanced in the early stages, before an exceptional magic phase turned things in my favour and led to a crushing victory for the Dark Elves. We set up again, and a magical vortex from the Vampire Counts kept the battlelines apart for a couple of turns. In the end, the Black Guard charged and destroyed the Ghouls, overrun into the Skeletons with Vampire Lord. In turn the Vampire Thrall led his Zombies into the flank. Plenty of slaughter but then the Shades and Spearmen hit the Zombies in either flank and exploded the Vampire Counts. With the Vampire Lord dead, the rest of his army then popped out of existence, for another big Dark Elf win.

Karl was very unlucky with some of his dice, particularly dispelling. He blames the downturn in this luck on the arrival of his personal kryptonite, Keith. It turns out, even when you tone down the Dark Elf army, it's still rather nasty. Starting to wonder is it even possible to write a friendly Dark Elf list without entering the realm of utter silliness.

As Karl is leaving soon, he's getting rid of some of his unneeded models, so I bought a job lot of stuff off him. The contents are below. This could keep me going for a while.

Tomb Kings

  • Tomb King/Prince
  • 2 Liche Priests
  • 20 Tomb Guard inc. Full Command
  • 20 Skeletons with HW&Shield inc. Full Command
  • 12 Skeletons with Bow

Orcs & Goblins
  • 19 Orc Boyz with HW&Shield inc. Full Command
  • Night Goblin Big Boss
  • Night Goblin BSB
  • 72 Night Goblins with Spear&Shield inc. 4 Full Commands
  • 29 Night Goblins with Bow inc. Full Command
  • 10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders inc. Full Command
  • 6 Night Goblin Fanatics
  • 1 Troll

  • 20 Dire Avengers inc. 2 Exarchs
  • 10 Guardian Defenders inc. Bright Lance Weapon Platform
  • 2 Windrider Jetbikes

  • Dwarf Lord/Thane
  • Dragon Slayer
  • 22 Warriors with HW&Shield inc. 2 Champions, 1 Standard Bearer and 2 Musicians
  • 10 Thunderers inc. Full Command
  • 7 Miners inc. Standard Bearer and Musician
  • Cannon and 3 Crew


  1. Any interest in swapsies for 10 dire avengers... Any eldar models you want ?

    1. I could spare a few - have about 50 of them by now. Any Warp Spiders?