Friday, 30 August 2013

NWG Incoming

Well, NWG is now only four weeks away, but I've finally made my mind up - I'm playing Warmachine/HORDES and bringing along Snappy and his Minions. So, I intend to paint up all of my unpainted Gatormen for the event. I have every option available to the Blindwater Congregation with the exception of the as yet unreleased Swamp Shamblers.

I have the following left to paint up -
  • Calaban, the Grave Walker
  • Rask
  • Swamp Horror
  • Boneswarm
  • Gatorman Witch Doctor
  • Croak Hunter
  • Professor Pendrake
  • Gatorman Posse (Leader & 4 Grunts)
  • Bog Trog Ambushers (4 Grunts)
So, that's 16 figures in 28 days. I need to get going on that. Some of the figures have had work done to them already, while others are still in their boxes and blister packs.

The NWG event is 35 point Steamroller, I'm assuming standard rules for now as I haven't heard otherwise, so two 35 point lists with character restrictions. Character restrictions aren't a major problem for me, as the Blindwater Congregation only has three non-warlock FA:C choices, and out of those I'd only maybe double up the Totem Hunter is in both lists if I could. I do use Wrong-Eye and Snapjaw, but they're less useful against Warmachine factions than HORDES ones, and then again better at 50 points rather than 35. As for Pendrake, I don't know if I'd bring him at all.

The other problem arising from this is that I might actually have to put some effort into building army lists. Up until now I've just been fielding whatever is painted rather than picking a list based around synergies and a particular Warlock's strengths. I'm going to have to do some thinking. I'll come back later in the week with some army ideas for each warlock. Until then, here's a few pictures of Gators, all of which have been named Snappy. I shouldn't have let my sister's three year old, Abbie, name my figures, but it's too late now.

 photo DSCF0029-1.jpg  photo DSCF0024-2.jpg  photo DSCF0016.jpg

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