Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Rise of the Empire

I've been working on some Empire figures lately. I've always liked the Empire, I first collected them when 6th edition Warhammer came out in 2000. I don't particularly like the current Empire state troop models, I prefer the older ones with the puffy sleeves. Lucky for me I have a large amount of those, and they seem to come up for sale reasonably often due to the fact they were found in the 6th edition boxed set. I'm going to be using a lot of older out of production models in my army, I even have some of the metal Teutogen Guard figures from the mid-2000s to serve as my Greatswords (I don't hate the current plastic Greatswords, but the Teutogen Guard fit my theme better.

I've decided to base my force around a Knightly Order and their vassals. I posted some background before, can be found in this post -

So far I have painted test models of a Knight, a Spearman, a Handgunner, a Free Company militiaman and an Archer, seen below.
 photo DSCF0014.jpg  photo DSCF0035.jpg  photo DSCF0011.jpg  photo DSCF0016.jpg  photo DSCF0010.jpg
I think that should be enough test models, time to move on to painting regiments instead. I've started on another 4 Handgunners. I drafted up a 1000 point army list, I don't expect to play at that points level but it gives me a target to paint towards.

Wizard Lord (245) - Level 4 (Shadow), Talisman of Preservation.
Warrior Priest (133) - Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Barded Warhorse. Helm of the Skaven Slayer, Dawnstone, Ironcurse Icon
6 Knights (162) - Full Command.
28 Spearmen (198) - Shields, Full Command.
Detachment : 10 Free Company (60)
Detachment : 5 Archers (35)
16 Handgunners (164) - Standard Bearer, Musician.

That's all for now, tonight I will be playing Space Hulk and I'll be doing a battle report on that next post.

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