Tuesday, 10 September 2013

NWG Incoming! Update

So, NWG gets closer and I need to get more work done on my army for the Warmachine/HORDES event. I intend to finish up all of my remaining Blindwater Congregation figures for the event. I'm doing OK so far, out of the sixteen unfinished models I had last week four of them have been painted fully, leaving only twelve more to finish.

First up, I added the Bog Trog warlock, Rask. This guy has a really impressive spell list and a pretty good feat, so I'm really looking forward to getting him on the board. He's a nice model to paint, too.
Rask photo DSCF0006.jpg
Next, I added a Boneswarm light warbeast. It doesn't seem very good in game, but it was a very simple model to paint. Basecoat, wash, drybrush, drybrush, wash, drybrush, drybrush, base, done.
Boneswarm photo DSCF0002.jpg
Professor Viktor Pendrake. I found this guy a pain in the arse to paint, and I've had him on the painting table for a long time now. Think it was all the brown. Anyway, he's done now and I'm hoping to find out how he works on the tabletop.
Professor Viktor Pendrake photo DSCF0003.jpg
Finally, a Croak Hunter. I really like this guy. He was one of the first models I bought for this army, and I've only now gotten around to painting him, which is a shame because I really enjoyed painting him. Since they're FA3, I might get two more.
 photo DSCF0001.jpg
Next up will be the four remaining Bog Trog Ambushers. I already have the minimum six painted, but want to bring them up to a full ten. Not sure how often I will field a unit of ten, but I like to paint full units and give myself that option.

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