Thursday, 19 September 2013

NWG Update II - The Bog Trog Theory

So NWG closes in on us and I'm still painting away. I've another eight figures to finish now that the Bog Trog Ambushers are finished. I've still to finish Calaban, Swamp Horror, Gator Doc and the second Gatorman Posse. The good news on this front is that all of the remaining models have had some work done to them so far. Of course, the next step is deciding on which warocks to take and what to back them up with. With 2 lists at 35pts, there's a lot of painted models that won't see any table time at the event.

I finally got Rask on the table last night against Declan. Game was a bit of a comedy of errors, both of us making some silly mistakes and getting activation orders mixed up and forgetting to do things we should have done. In addition to that, we both had some appalling dice at different times. I did learn a few things though which should help me out next time.

On a final note, if I was able to get all of the Gators done in time, I have the remaining four models of an Ultramarines combat squad on the painting table as well. You may remember my earlier Ultramarines painting guide ( I might enter them for the Emerald Daemon competition, even though I don't have much chance of winning anyway. At least they're GW models, right Frank? :P

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  1. whats wrong Lenny their not like snappy at all.

  2. Snappy welcomes all of his amphibious followers, provided they follow the three central Snappy precepts.
    1. Sit down
    2. Shut up
    3. Do what they're told