Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tales from NWG - Warhammer 40,000

Also at NWG last week was the Warhammer 40,000 tournament. Darragh Cullen is the man responsible for this tournament. Darragh has run the 40K event at NWG for the past four years now. NWG was the first Irish tournament to allow Forge World rules and puts a heavy premium on painting (there was 100 points available for gaming and 50 for painting - although these are mostly based on the effort put in as opposed to pure technical skill. This has resulted in this year's event having some of the best painting and modelling I've ever seen.

Below are some of the wonderful armies that were on display at NWG.

Dave Leahy - "Dino-Orks", winner of the best army award.
 photo DSCF0014.jpg

Hugh Murphy - Chaos Space Marines with Chaos Daemon allies.
 photo DSCF0064.jpg

Caolan Gibbons - Ravenwing
 photo DSCF0019.jpg

Daniel Porter - Space Wolves/Space Marines Drop Pod army.
 photo DSCF0018.jpg

Jay McKeown - Eldar "Craftworld Yveltal Skimmer Assault"
 photo DSCF0013.jpg

Eoin O'Mahony - Necron Wrestling Federation
 photo DSCF0017.jpg

John Stowe - Space Wolves "The Sagas of Connor and Artemis"
 photo DSCF0016.jpg

Ugo Greevy - Death Guard Chaos Space Marines
 photo DSCF0012.jpg

Chris Poulton - Tau/Space Marines
 photo DSCF0004.jpg

John O'Connor - Saim-Hann Eldar
 photo DSCF0005.jpg

Philip Johnston - Iron Hands Space Marines
 photo DSCF0003.jpg

Paul Quigley - Tau/Farsight Enclaves
 photo DSCF0002.jpg

Lloyd Courtney - Rogue Trader Era Dark Angels
 photo DSCF0007.jpg

Ross Buchanan - Orks
 photo DSCF0011.jpg

Some really lovely work all around. Dave's Dino-Orks won the Best Army trophy, though as you can see he had lots of competition.

As for the actual results, here you go. A turnout of 36 players, which is very respectable.

Paul Quigley - 136
Jay McKeown - 121.5
Peter Scott - 112.5
Chris Poulton - 109
Dave Leahy - 108.5
Caolan Gibbons - 107
Eoin O'Mahony - 107
Dan Ahern - 102.5
Mike Tangney - 102
Ivan Sheehan - 101.5
Colin Murray - 100.5
Michael McConkey - 100
Lloyd Courtney - 100
John Stowe - 99
Ugo Greevy - 95.5
James Johnston - 90.5
Philip Johnston - 87.5
David McHugh - 87
Alan Garvey - 84.5
Hugh Murphy - 84
Daniel Porter - 83.5
Philip Dwyer - 82
Burkhardt Flemer - 81
Alan Condren - 79.5
Gary McNeill - 76.5
Luke Osbourne - 73
Ross Buchanan - 72.5
John O'Connor - 69.5
Ian Riordan - 69
Pearce Condren - 66.5
Nick Meade - 60
Eoin O'Brien - 57
Daniel Cassidy - 56.5
Darren Fahy - 53
Stephen McCarthy - 49.5
Thomas Dillon - 49

I'll leave you with some photos from the action.
 photo DSCF0029.jpg  photo DSCF0030.jpg  photo DSCF0037.jpg  photo DSCF0054.jpg  photo DSCF0025.jpg  photo DSCF0028.jpg  photo DSCF0053.jpg  photo DSCF0069.jpg  photo DSCF0076.jpg  photo DSCF0070.jpg  photo DSCF0077.jpg  photo DSCF0080.jpg  photo DSCF0078.jpg  photo DSCF0079.jpg  photo DSCF0081.jpg


  1. That 'unknown' second Warboss was Ross Buchanan from the TLC, he is the guy I did the fun swaps ie round 1 with. Really enjoyed being the Warboss for once ;-)

  2. Thanks John, edited that in.