Sunday, 6 October 2013

Tales from NWG - Warhammer

Also at NWG - the Warhammer tournament. This was run as a 2000 point tournament with no composition restrictions, and Warhammer Forge was allowed. Despite the fears of most veteran players, this didn't result in the expected abundance of special characters or ridiculous army lists. There were lots of Warriors of Chaos armies with Nurgle Daemon Princes (for some reason......) but no sign of most of the expected 12 Throggs. While some of the highly placed armies had the usual cheese (Dwarfs with 7 war machines, Ogre Gutstar, 100+ Zombie block with 2 Terrorgheists, O&G chaff festival, White Lion BotWD deathstars, double Skullcrushers) there was no Skaven (who I believe are the most powerful army uncomped).

It seems most of the players in the mid-to-low tables had just brought normal armies and the mismatches were kept to a minimum after the first round or two. It seems most players I talked to were having a good time, which was a relief as the last uncomped event I attended (the GW run Irish GTs) were utter filthfests and a lot of my casual player friends who attended those refused to attend another tournament again. So congratulations due to the players for obeying Lenny's cardinal rule of wargaming - don't be a cunt.

One downside for Warhammer was that, compared to 40K, the standard of painting wasn't as good. Most of this can be put down to the lesser emphasis on painting compared to 40K, as scoring maximum painting points was considerably easier to achieve (maybe something for next year). The best army winner was Dave Stafford's amazing Fimir army (counts as Warriors of Chaos), which I found I don't have a photo of, although I was sure I took one. I'd urge you to check it out over at Dave's blog ( and have a look at it, it is that amazing.

Overall, 26 players attended, which is a very strong turnout by current Irish standards. The results were (maximum score 130 - 100 gaming, 30 painting)

Michael Wendel - 109
Chris Mince - 102
Colin Power - 96
Neil Butler - 92
Chris Smith - 86
Ross McCarroll - 86
Malcolm Cooney - 84
Andrew Beattie - 83
Brendan Donnelly - 80
Dave Holohan - 79
Ivan Magowan - 78
Gary Griffin - 78
Vivion Grisewood - 77
Jason Finnegan - 74
Dave Stafford - 74
Eoin Lennon - 73
Kevin Rynne - 70
Denis Coffey - 70
Matt Hamill - 69
Dave Russell - 67
Tom McDonnell - 65
Dan Tobin - 62
Craig McInnes - 61
Martin Kenny - 59
Fergus Finch - 33
Mark Moloney - 33

I'll leave it here with some pictures from the event.

 photo DSCF0074.jpg  photo DSCF0015.jpg  photo DSCF0073.jpg  photo DSCF0072.jpg  photo DSCF0071.jpg  photo DSCF0026.jpg  photo DSCF0051.jpg  photo DSCF0031.jpg  photo DSCF0010.jpg  photo DSCF0049.jpg  photo DSCF0027.jpg  photo DSCF0067.jpg  photo DSCF0068.jpg  photo DSCF0050.jpg


  1. Looks like that bloke in the last picture is taking a right beaten lol

    1. Some sort of Saturday night related accident I believe, Frank.

  2. Looks awesome...and sounds like folks had fun...

    1. It's always been a very well run event and draws a good crowd every year.