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Tales from NWG - Warmachine/HORDES

So I'll finish off my series on NWG with the event in which I actually took part, which was the Warmachine/HORDES tournament. It was a 35pt Steamroller held on Saturday and I brought the Snappy Coalition. Here are my two lists

 photo DSCF0020-1.jpg

Maelok, the Dreadbound (+6)
Blackhide Wrastler (9)
Bull Snapper (3)
Bull Snapper (3)
Gatorman Witch Doctor (3)
Gatorman Posse - Leader & 4 Grunts (9)
Gatorman Posse - Leader & 4 Grunts (9)
Bog Trog Ambushers - Leader & 5 Grunts (5)

 photo DSCF00232.jpg

Rask (+6)
Blackhide Wrastler (9)
Swamp Horror (8)
Gatorman Witch Doctor (3)
Totem Hunter (3)
Croak Hunter (2)
Professor Viktor Pendrake (2)
Gatorman Posse - Leader & 4 Grunts (9)
Bog Trog Ambushers - Leader & 5 Grunts (5)

Game 1 vs. Greg Connolly (Menoth) - Incoming scenario

Greg hasn't been playing Warmachine for very long, and he chose the Harbinger of Menoth, while I chose Maelok. Greg feated early in the game, meaning I wasn't able to advance on him as quickly as I would have liked. I was able to contest the zone to prevent Greg scoring any points. As the battle lines clashed, I saw Greg had left some open space around the Harbinger. This allowed me the opportunity to do the standard Revive-Revive-Feat-Apply Gators to warcaster face Maelok assassination run. Looking back on it now, I should have left the assassination out, killed a load of Menites and then played for scenario. It would have built up my tie breakers.

Win, by assassination (1-0).

The battle lines engage.
 photo DSCF0020.jpg The Gatorman Posse charge into the Harbinger.
 photo DSCF0021.jpg

Game 2 vs. Damien McGurrell (Circle Orboros) - Into the Breach scenario

Damien is a regular on the tournament scene, and he had brought his Circle to NWG. He chose to field eMorvahna against Rask. Damien got right up in my face early with his Tharn Bloodtrackers. Over the course of the game, Morvahna must have taken and recovered about 50 damage due to her various abilities. Her ability to damage herself to allow her entire army to re-roll attack and damage rolls, and then recover it when models (both hers and the enemy's) die is extremely annoying to say the least. Damien played a very good game and won with an assassination of Rask. I had no idea of how to deal with this army as Gators have a very limited ability to deal damage at range to prevent Morvahna using her abilities. As of this game onwards, eMorvahna will always be known as "Goat Bitch"

Loss, by assassination (1-1)

Battle is joined.
 photo DSCF0032.jpg Assassination. Morvahna's feat causes Rask to be surrounded.
 photo DSCF0033.jpg

Game 3 vs. Conor O'Boyle (Khador) - Fire Support scenario

Next up after lunch was Conor's Khador. He was fielding pSorscha, while I played Rask. The lesson I learned in this game is that Sorscha's feat is horrible. Not only does it make you easy to hit for the Khador turn, it also means you're unable to respond in your own. Winter Guard sprays are pretty nasty when they're hitting except on double 1s. Gators are probably better off against this than others, as their high ARM and damage boxes give them a serious advantage over single wound troops. I was able to get ahead early on control points and got Rask dominating a flag, forcing Conor to have to contest or lose early by scenario. I also learned that a Blackhide Wrastler under Fury is more than capable of one-turning a Khador heavy, as he proved twice. By my final turn I knew I would have the scenario win, so I tried my best to kill as many of Conor's troops as possible to improve my tie breakers, which were poor at this point.

Win, by scenario (2-1)

Blackhide Wrastler develops a taste for Khador warjacks.
 photo DSCF0034.jpg Mmmm.......Gators like Khador meat.
 photo DSCF0036.jpg

Game 4 vs. Anthony O'Reilly (Cryx) - Incursion scenario

About the last army I want to fight is Cryx. Even worse they're commanded by my tournament nemesis, Anthony. I've played three previous events with my Gators, and I've played and lost to Anthony twice. Third time lucky? Well, no. The moment I read his lists, I know he would probably choose pDeneghra, which he did. I chose Maelok. One of my great advantages with Gators is our toughness, but at one point I had a total of -7 ARM on one unit of Gators (Parasite, Dark Shroud and Denny's feat). Turns out ARM 11 with 8 boxes isn't that good, and I was left to try a long shot assassination, which didn't work and Anthony won easily.

Loss, by assassination (2-2)

A wall of Cryx.
 photo DSCF0038.jpg That's a lot of Banes surrounding Maelok.
 photo DSCF0039.jpg

I finished 9th overall out of 16 with my 2-2 record. Best army was Patrick Dunford's Cygnar.

Overall results
Player - Faction (Score-SoS-CP-PC Destroyed)

Patrick Dunford - Cygnar (4-7-11-108)
Pete Croft - Legion (3-11-5-91)
Anthony O'Reilly - Cryx (3-10-14-102)
Koya Illek - Menoth (3-8-5-103)
Patrick Long - Trollbloods (3-7-14-97)
Stuart Gorman - Circle (2-10-0-82)
Damien McGurrell - Circle (2-9-0-51)
Alan Buckley - Cygnar (2-8-11-81)
Brian Leonard - Minions (2-8-5-88)
Conor O'Boyle - Khador (2-6-10-47)
Paul Boyling - Legion (2-5-16-85)
Conor - Trollbloods (1-10-9-100)
Charlie Healy - Khador (1-9-9-44)
Greg Connolly - Menoth (1-8-4-77)
Dave Glennon - Khador (1-5-9-45)
Killian Buckley - Khador (0-7-4-82)

Some more photos from the event
 photo DSCF0024.jpg  photo DSCF0023.jpg  photo DSCF0022.jpg  photo DSCF0009.jpg

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