Friday, 11 October 2013

The Defenders of Caspia Part I

I've almost finished painting all the available options for my Gator army, so I'm looking for another project. I had almost decided on the Retribution of Scyrah, but instead I went back to my old Cygnar army. I've decided to make a series out of it, so every month my goal will be to paint 20 points worth of models, as well as a warcaster.
This month I will be starting with the contents of the Cygnar battlebox. This means my first warcaster will be Stryker1, along with three warjacks - an Ironclad, a Lancer and a Charger, which total 17 points, so I've added a Squire, as they're an auto include in most armies, and the versatile Stormsmith Stormcaller for the final point. Here's the models in the state I started with.

 photo Article1-1.jpg

Commander Coleman Stryker (+6)

Ironclad (7)
Charger (4)
Lancer (6)

Squire (2)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)

As you can see above, I did paint some Cygnar a long time ago, but my painting skills have improved since then and these days, I prefer a nicely painted army rather than a competitive one, although one of the main reasons I like Warmachine/HORDES is that I can spend time building and painting an army without any fear of my models being rendered awful in-game by a new ruleset or army list. I'll want to be using my Cygnar at tournaments so I will work toward competitive lists while still painting the models I like. In the Irish/Dublin Warmachine/HORDES community, we have plenty of Cygnar players so I'll be able to get plenty of good advice.

In order to improve the paint job of the models already painted, it was time for the painted models to take a bath in the Fairy Power Spray. Before doing this, I put the models in the freezer for an hour. This weakens the glue and allowed me to break down the models and remove them from their bases. The result is below.

 photo Article1-2.jpg

While the models themselves were soaking, I thought about painting and basing schemes. I'd used deadfall wood with coarse turf to good effect on my Ultramarines, and considered it, but I eventually decided on cobblestones. I made these out of green stuff carved with a hobby knife.

 photo Article1-3.jpg

This led to other considerations for assembly, as I would now need to remove the tabs from the feet of the models. In order to secure the some of the models to the bases, I drilled through the bases with my pin-vice drill and attached pins into the models' feet. I then bent these pins using a clippers under the base to secure the models. Now that the models were fully assembled, I gave them all a spray of black primer. This left them in the condition below.

 photo Article1-4.jpg

Now all they need is a bit of paint. More of thar to come later.


  1. I like the idea for the bases Lenny

    1. I'm glad there was some part of the article you could enjoy, Frank.