Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Defenders of Caspia Part II - Cygnar Warjack painting guide

Charger photo Charger.jpg

Finished the Charger above this afternoon. I like the way the test colour scheme worked out. Want to know how I painted it?

As shown in the previous article, I had the cobblestone effect on the base sculpted and model primed black. I basecoated the purple areas with GW Naggaroth Night, the silver with PP Pig Iron, the gold with GW Dwarf Bronze (old paint) and the haft of the hammer with GW Abbadon Black.

 photo DSCF0001.jpg

Next I washed the entire model with GW Nuln Oil

 photo DSCF0002.jpg

I then layered the model. The purple is GW Xereus Purple, the silver with PP Pig Iron and the gold with GW Gehenna's Gold.

 photo DSCF0009.jpg

Next I highlighted the main colours. Purple with GW Genestealer Purple, silver with PP Cold Steel, gold with GW Shining Gold (old paint) and the black on the hammer's haft with GW Dawnstone. Next I painted the Cygnus with GW Averland Sunset, and painted the eye slits with GW Evil Sunz Scarlet. I was almost finished at this point.

 photo DSCF0010.jpg

At this point, I began the base, by painting the cobblestones with GW Eshin Grey. I finished the Cygnus with a layer of GW Yriel Yellow and a highlight of GW Flash Gitz Yellow.

 photo DSCF0011.jpg

Next, I washed the base with GW Nuln Oil.

 photo DSCF0012.jpg

I finished the base off by painting the cobblestones GW Eshin Grey, then a highlight of GW Dawnstone. I then painted the front arc of the base with GW Xereus Purple, and the back arc with GW Abbadon Black. Done.

Charger photo Charger.jpg

So, now I have to go and paint the rest of my 20 points by the end of the month. The Ironclad and Lancer should be straightforward enough with the colour scheme worked out. I have Stryker basecoated, hopefully he won't be too complicated to finish.

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