Saturday, 30 November 2013

DGG 2013 Christmas Carnage scenario

Yep, only just finished writing the Kallidus IV campaign we've been playing among the DGG (Dublin Games Guild for the uninitiated), I'm back writing another scenario. I first wrote the original Christmas Carnage scenario two years ago as a four player game to be played on the last club night before Christmas. It proved popular and I ended up running the game again last year, this time with six players. Now it's nearly time for this years game (We'll be playing Weds 11th December), and it's time to hopefully improve on the formula again.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Kallidus IV Campaign Week 6 - The Last Stand

Well, we've come to the end of our campaign. This week is a little different. There are no Campaign Points up for grabs. The scenarios are written to fit the narrative, and each game is different. So, here goes.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Kallidus IV Campaign Week 5 - The Imperium Strikes Back

General Erasmus looked out the window of the council chamber in the Governor's Palace. The succession rules were quite clear, but Governor Steinhelm's young son had not yet been sworn in, and given the situation at the moment, might never be. The highest ranked PDF General - himself - was to take temporary control until order was restored, but the General didn't see that happening. The planet was in utter disarray, first the rioting and civil unrest then the invasion. Most of the surviving citizens were in shelters located in the planet's few urban centres, and a recent series of tectonic movements resulted in earthquakes, volcanic activity and other disasters. And that damned purple light seemed to glow all the brighter.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Kallidus IV Campaign Week 4 - The Battle for Karlsberg

General Erasmus and Governor Steinhelm stood against the wall in the Kallidus IV PDF headquarters command room. Neither man was used to being ignored in this room, but when the others present were either Astartes commanders or an Inquisitor, neither wanted to say much. The Astartes commanders - Black Templars Emperor's Champion Ralphus, Interrogator Chaplain Alain Condrenus of the Dark Angels, Forgefather Filius Zu of the Iron Hands and Space Wolves Rune Priest Hanlus - formed a semicircle around Inquisitor Silas Kendall at the hololith. Abruptly, the meeting came to an end, and they headed for the door with not a single word to either the PDF General or the Governor.
Later, Governor Steinhelm collapsed in the corridor of the Governor's palace. He turned an unpleasant shade of purple, was struggling to breathe and couldn't control his limbs.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Kallidus IV Campaign Week 3 - From Where The Blood Flows

General Erasmus turned away from the hololith projection of the surface of Kallidus IV. More Chaos reinforcements arrived on the planet every day, and hard pressed Imperial soldiers and Astartes were being slowly ground down by unexpected Xenos attacks. Imperial forces versus the Chaos filth could be planned for, but the Emperor damned aliens were a wildcard that even the best Imperial tacticians could not account for. He had shut himself away from the High Council with only his senior aides present. The Governor was alright, a smart enough man, but most of the council members were nothing more than high born morons and he had better things to do than listen to the self important fools wittering away. Erasmus snapped back to attention as the doors slid open. He had been quite clear in his instructions to the men sthe doohr - no interruptions. He turned to shout at whoever had been foolish enough to open the door, but stopped as he recognised Inquisitor Silas Kendall.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kallidus IV Campaign Week 2 - The Rescue.

Inquisitor Silas Kendall sipped on the four hundred year old amasec in his glass as he looked out the window of the hotel suite he had commandeered in a fashionable district of Karlsberg. The darkness had lested for three days now. The governor and his cronies were delighted to have the famous Inquisitor, hero of the defence of Viridia and conqueror of the Ulthar II rebellion. Of course, they had no idea what was really going on here, and would probably soil themselves with terror if they had the slightest inkling.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Kallidus IV campaign week 1 - Planetfall

This week, the campaign boldly went where no man has gone before

 photo DSCF0025.jpg

Sorry, wrong game. And the Battle for Kallidus IV begins.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Defenders of Caspia - Month 1 completed.

 photo Army-Month1.jpg

So you might remember I set myself a challenge to paint one Cygnar warcaster and twenty points of troops each month. Well, I finally finished October's models (yes, I realise it's November 9th, I'm bad at deadlines, OK?).

Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Warhammer 40,000 campaign - The Battle for Kallidus IV

The Death World Kallidus IV, in the Karsus Sector, is a largely uninhabilable world covered with gaseous swamps and jungle. A world valuable to the Imperium only because the gaseous deposits in the swamplands are convertible to promethium. Recently, however, archeotech from the Dark Age of Technology has been discovered when excavating the foundations for a planned massive promethium refinery. When the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus leading the excavation team touched the archeotech, a massive beam of purple warp light shot high into the sky.

This has served as a beacon for the dark forces of Chaos. Several warbands have made transit to Kallidus IV, including forces dedicated to Tzeentch and Khorne. The Imperial governor has called on all nearby forces, and contingents of Black Templars, Crimson Fists, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and 2 clans of Iron Hands have rushed to the aid of Kallidus IV. Although it seems it's not only Chaos that has been attracted, as contingents of Tau and Eldar have been detected, as well as the dark shadow of Hive Fleet Nagiana.