Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Warhammer 40,000 campaign - The Battle for Kallidus IV

The Death World Kallidus IV, in the Karsus Sector, is a largely uninhabilable world covered with gaseous swamps and jungle. A world valuable to the Imperium only because the gaseous deposits in the swamplands are convertible to promethium. Recently, however, archeotech from the Dark Age of Technology has been discovered when excavating the foundations for a planned massive promethium refinery. When the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus leading the excavation team touched the archeotech, a massive beam of purple warp light shot high into the sky.

This has served as a beacon for the dark forces of Chaos. Several warbands have made transit to Kallidus IV, including forces dedicated to Tzeentch and Khorne. The Imperial governor has called on all nearby forces, and contingents of Black Templars, Crimson Fists, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and 2 clans of Iron Hands have rushed to the aid of Kallidus IV. Although it seems it's not only Chaos that has been attracted, as contingents of Tau and Eldar have been detected, as well as the dark shadow of Hive Fleet Nagiana.

The Battle for Kallidus IV is a campaign I'm running for my club at the moment. The idea came to me to do something a little different for a change, as not everyone in our group wants to play tournament style games all the time, and some members were showing up for games night with normal armies and would get a little bored with being blown off the table by the opponent's tournament list. Now I believe no one style of playing 40K is the "right way" or "wrong way" to play the game, but it does cause annoyance and upset sometimes if two players arrange to play but both want different things out of the game. So I decided to run a campaign with certain restrictions on what the players could field in their armies, primarily to limit spam.

So here's the rules for army construction.
  • Players must use the same Codex in every game. If they wish to include allies, they must use the same Codex for their allies in every game in which allies are used. Using allies in some games but not others is allowed.
  • A Codex supplement may not be allied with its parent Codex. Players may not use allies to get around the other restrictions. (For example, players may not take a Space Marine Devestator squad and an allied Space Wolves Long Fang squad).
  • All armies must be built to a maximum of 1500 points, and all models must be WYSIWYG. It is preferred that all armies be fully painted if possible.
  • Players may not include multiples of the same unit from the HQ, Elites, Fast Attack and Heavy Support sections of the army list. (For example, a Tau player may select a squad of Broadsides, a Skyray and a Hammerhead as his Heavy Support, but may not take 2 Hammerheads)
  • Players may not include more than 2 of each different Dedicated Transport in their armies. If a unit is taken as a Dedicated Transport, it may not be selected from another section of the army list as well. (For example, if a Black Templars Crusader Squad takes a Land Raider Crusader as a Dedicated Transport, it may not take a Land Raider Crusader as a Heavy Support choice).
  • Players may not include more than 2 Flyers or Flying Monstrous Creatures combined in an army.
  • Special characters, with the exception of the Emperor's Champion, are not allowed.
Players are required to bring a paper copy of their army lists. They will not know their opponent or mission before arriving. This means they will not be able to tailor army lists to their opponent or mission. This, along with the restrictions above, should encourage players to bring more balanced armies and hopefully provide both themselves and their opponent with a different challenge to the usual.

The main storyline of the campaign will be the Chaos invasion of Kallidus IV and the Imperial defence of the planet, but the Xenos players will have their own plotlines and goals to follow too. I've therefore divided the players into three factions, Imperial, Chaos and Xenos. Imperial v Imperial, and Chaos v Chaos matches will be avoided where possible, as will rematches between players who have already played each other, with the exception of the final week, where the battles will be determined by the number of Campaign points players have accumulated by achieving their objectives in their games.

Our players are :
Phil - Iron Hands
Ralph - Black Templars
Patryk - Iron Hands
Stephen - Space Wolves
Alan - Dark Angels
Lenny - Crimson Fists

Paul - Tau
Mike - Eldar
Frank - Tyranids
Ronan - Tau

Kevin - Khorne Chaos Marines with Daemon allies
John - Thousand Sons
Jamie - Chaos Marines
Ger - Chaos Marines

My own role in the campaign will be to play in the bye-buster role in weeks where an uneven number of players are available, as well as to keep all the players in line. And if you don't believe that, here's what happened when Paul forgot his army list.
 photo DSCF0019.jpg


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