Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Kallidus IV campaign week 1 - Planetfall

This week, the campaign boldly went where no man has gone before

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Sorry, wrong game. And the Battle for Kallidus IV begins.

Governus Albertus Steinhelm looked out the window of the Imperial Palace overlooking the planetary capital of Karlsberg. That damned column of sickly purple light away in the distance reminded him of all of the troubles confronting him. Ever since its appearance, the Arbitrators and Planetary Defence Force had had their hands full dealing with the dozen simultaneous Heretic groups who had attacked the Imperial institutions of Kallidus IV. A hysterical panic had overtaken the citizenry, rendered worse by the strange fluctuations in the planet's gravity.

Campaign Week 1 - Scenario : Planetfall
 Deployment : Divide table into four quarters. Up to 1 HQ and 2 Troops choices (with any dedicated transports they might have) anywhere in the table quarter. All other units must be deployed within 12" of one of the table edges within the quarter. No unit may be set up within 18" of an enemy model.

Mission : Cleanse
Control the table quarters. A player controls a table quarter if he has at least one of his units and no enemy units in the table quarter at the end of the game. If a unit is partially in more than one quarter, it is considered to be in the quarter that the majority of the unit is in.

Scoring :
6 Campaign Points for each table quarter controlled.
3 Campaign Points to both players for each table quarter that is uncontrolled.
2 Campaign Points for achieving the secondary objective First Blood.
2 Campaign Points for achieving the secondary objective Slay The Warlord.
2 Campaign Points for achieving the secondary objective Linebreaker.

Special Rule : The gravity on the planet is low. When a model moves for any reason, increase the maximum movement distance by 1". Models still count as moving the actual distance they moved for all other purposes.

Interrogator Chaplain Alain Condrenus, of the Dark Angels 4th company, led his brothers in the ritual prayers before boarding the three Thunderhawk gunships in the hangar of the Emperor's Light. Scans indicated a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Nagiana had been located near an abandoned water filtration plant.

Alan Condren (Dark Angels) vs. Frank O'Donnell (Tyranids)

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Result - Alan 16, Frank 16.

Interrogator Chaplain Alain Condrenus smashed his sacred Crozius Arcanum through the skull of yet another of the small alien lifeforms. As his Deathwing brothers slaughtered the last of the beasts, he looked around and saw far too many green and bone clad bodies lying amid the heaps of Tyranid dead. With both sides spent, the Tyranids had begun to withdraw. He would need to call for the Apothecaries. Too many brothers would need their attention, but for some the only option was to grant the Emperor's Grace.......

Emperor's Champion Ralphus of the Black Templars approached the Rune Priest Andrus of the Space Wolves. The Rune Priest had contacted the Black Templars in order to co-ordinate their hunt for the rogue Crimson Fists Captain Francisco Hernandez and his company. Ralphus would seek out the Crimson Fists, drawing them into battle. Andrus and his brothers would return to their ship, and at the moment the Crimson Fists showed themselves, the Space Wolves would deploy by Drop Pod. There would be no escape for Hernandez this time.....

Ralph Risk (Black Templars/Space Wolves) vs. Brian Leonard (Crimson Fists Space Marines)

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Result - Ralph 15, Lenny 13.

Emperor's Champion Ralphus regained consciousness as darkness fell across the surface of Kallidus IV. The Sternguard Sergeant's Power Fist had knocked him cold, but he was thankful for the protection of his ancient suit of armour. Black, grey and blue armoured bodies lay scattered around the ruins of Pumping Station 5-D. Rune Priest Andrus was back on his feet, his armour badly damaged. But no sign of Hernandez. The hunt would go on.....

Forgefather Filius of Iron Hands Clan Zu waited carefully for his time to strike. The Berzerker warband of Chaos Lord Konrad the Bloodsoaked were busy massacring the remaining Imperial citizens of the village of Ulricsburg. He had decided to launch a lightning assault while the follows of Khorne were distracted by the slaughter. Suddenly, from the body of a tortured Admistratum worker, burst the massive form of a mighty Bloodthirster. Forgefather Filius immediately opened a vox-link. "Launch the Drop Pods. Now, in the name of the Emperor......."

Phil Johnston (Iron Hands Space Marines) vs. Kevin Conrad (Chaos Space Marines/Chaos Daemons)

I don't actually have any photos from this game. Phil and Kevin had arranged to play their game earlier in the day, so I wasn't able to get in to take any.

Result - Phil 24, Kevin 10

The Bloodthirster had swooped across the battlefield with all the fury of his patron, slaughtering Iron Hands wherever he went. Forgefather Filius was at a loss to deal with it, until a lucky hit from one of the Stormraven's missile sent the creature tumbling to the ground at the feet of Dreadnought Frank Zu, who took his chance and sent the Daemon back to the ether in a puff of mist and ichor. This seemed to dishearten the Berzerkers, as some began to withdraw, while others threw themselves at the Iron Hands line with greater vigour. Buoyed by the defeat of the Bloodthirster, the Iron Hands surged forward to slaughter the hated foe.

Commander O'Ronan of the Tau Empire had laid his trap carefully. He had intercepted the earlier Imperial communications, and knew the forces of the Wolf Lord Hanlus Darktooth would pass through the ruined promethium refinery. He nodded to the Broadside Shas'vre hidden on the second storey of what had once been a worker hab block, and the two Fire Warrior Shas'ui team leaders. They knew what was expected of them. For the Greater Good.

Ronan Kelly (Tau/Ultramarines Space Marines) vs. Stephen O'Hanlon (Space Wolves)

 photo DSCF0021.jpg  photo DSCF0024.jpg  photo DSCF0030.jpg
Result - Ronan 14, Stephen 16

It had been a solid plan, thought Commander O'Ronan as his Ultramarine allies withdrew to their Rhino transports. These Gue'la warriors were not the frenzied berserkers he had taken them for. The Ultramarines leader had warned him of their cunning, but in his arrogance he had underestimated them. As the trap was sprung, the Space Wolves had dropped reinforcements right on top of his firebase. Many of his warriors had fallen this day, and as his remaining forces withdrew, he knew the Greater Good had not been served this day.

Champion of the Dark Gods, Angerus Furyfist, mounted his mighty iron steed and raced toward the aliens clustering around the small hill in the distance. A big grin split his daemonically altered face as he gathered speed. The little blue skinned xenos were nothing more than bugs to be smashed apart by his mighty daemonic mace and crushed beneath the tires of his bike. They might have big guns, but they were no match for true followers of the true Gods.

Ger O'Brien (Chaos Space Marines) vs. Paul Quigley (Tau)

 photo DSCF0031.jpg  photo DSCF0023.jpg  photo DSCF0020.jpg
Result - Ger 3, Paul 27

The Gods, they have foraken me, thought Angerus Furyfist lay beneath the ruins of his twisted bike, his followers lay injured and dead around him, fallen under the guns of the damned aliens. He had roared forward toward the hill the Tau had formed up around, his Heldrakes had swooped in to torch the clustered Xenos foe, it was all going to plan. Until they opened fire.

Governor Steinhelm and his council hovered around the holo-projector as they tried to make sense of the various dots and runes scattered across the planet's surface. PDF General Erasmus tried to explain as best he could, but the largely aristocratic backgrounds of many of the council members meant they had no real sense of how anything worked outside of their ivory towers. General Erasmus had moved more of his PDF regiments away from Karlsberg, as the Iron Hands and Dark Angels had driven back the invaders. The situation on the northern continent was less secure, as the foul Xenos and Heretics had began to attack one another. He looked down at his chronometer, and felt suddenly startled. It was just past noon, but outside the sky was still black, apart from the sickly purple pulse off in the distance.


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