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Kallidus IV Campaign Week 2 - The Rescue.

Inquisitor Silas Kendall sipped on the four hundred year old amasec in his glass as he looked out the window of the hotel suite he had commandeered in a fashionable district of Karlsberg. The darkness had lested for three days now. The governor and his cronies were delighted to have the famous Inquisitor, hero of the defence of Viridia and conqueror of the Ulthar II rebellion. Of course, they had no idea what was really going on here, and would probably soil themselves with terror if they had the slightest inkling.
Campaign Week 2 - Scenario : The Rescue.

A highly important Imperial citizen (an administrator, mechanicum adept, PDF general, ecclesiarch, etc.) has found himself lost in the warzone of Kallidus IV. Two forces are both out to find him, but not all for the same reasons.

Deployment : Dawn of War.

Objectives : Each player selects two terrain pieces on his opponent's side of the table. These four pieces, plus a piece in the centre of the table (ensure there is one), are the five search locations. In order to search a terrain piece, one non-vehicle unit that enters or moves through the terrain piece makes an Initiative test. If the unit passes the test, they find an item of interest. Roll a D6 - on a 6 they find the target. Once a unit finds something in a terrain piece, it can no longer be searched. If the target has not been found in the first four terrain pieces, he will be the item found in the last terrain piece. When the target and items are found, place a counter next to one member of the unit. This is treated as an objective from The Relic scenario in all respects.

The target is worth 8 Campaign Points (4 for each player if uncontrolled/unfound)
Other items are worth 4 Campaign Points each (2 for each player if uncontrolled/unfound)
2 Campaign Points for the Slay the Warlord secondary objective.
2 Campaign Points for the First Blood secondary objective.
2 Campaign Points for the Linebreaker secondary objective.

Special rule : Due to the darkness, the game is played with the Night Fighting rule in effect.

Angerus Furyfist grinned to himself. Despite his humiliation at the hands of the Tau, the Gods still smiled upon him. If he could get his hands on this Ecclesiarch, he could redeem himself in the eyes of his patrons.
Interrogator Chaplain Alain Condrenus had been on the trail of the Chaos Space Marines for a couple of hours now. Patience was his friend here, he did not want to attack just yet. The ground favoured him several miles up the road, but when word of the attack on the local Ecclesiarchy compound reached him, he needed to act before he was ready.

Alan Condren (Dark Angels) vs. Ger O'Brien (Chaos Space Marines)
 photo DSCF0061.jpg  photo DSCF0066.jpg  photo DSCF0063.jpg  photo DSCF0064.jpg
Result - Alan 16, Ger 14

Angerus Furyfist roared his frustration to the heavens. The infernal Dark Angels had kept him from his target, and by the time they had withdrawn, he had found the Ecclesiarch. Who was already dead.

Rune Priest Hanlus of the Space Wolves had recieved the message from the PDF HQ over his helmet vox. While he wasn't happy at being used as a messenger boy, the downed shuttle had carried a PDF Brigadier who carried some very sensitive communiques. He needed to be found, and fast.
Tau Commander O'Quiglos stepped into his experimental battlesuit. Reports of a downed Imperial shuttle had reached his force. This was a chance he had to take, if the Gue'la had some useful information, it could be extracted from him, willingly or not. For the Greater Good, of course.

Paul Quigley (Tau) vs. Stephen O'Hanlon (Space Wolves)
 photo DSCF0060.jpg  photo DSCF0065.jpg  photo DSCF0062.jpg  photo DSCF0059.jpg
Result - Paul 28, Stephen 0.

Commander O'Quiglos surveyed the ruins of the battlefield. The crude Gue'la vehicles continued to burn with various levels of intensity. The seriously injured PDF Brigadier was recieving what crude medical attention his warriors could provide, none being experts in Gue'la physiology. The Space Wolf attack had been well blunted, with corpses strewn all over the field. The survivors had withdrawn, but not for long. O'Quiglos prepared his troops to return to base. The Ethereals could make use of this captured General.

So after two weeks of play, scores stand as follows

Paul 55
Alan 30
Phil 24
Ger 17
Frank 16
Stephen 16
Ralph 15
Ronan 14
Kevin 10

Inquisitor Silas Kendall continued to sip on his amasec, eyes fixated on the pulsing purple light dominating the skyline. Yes, the damned ignorant governor and his inbred aristo buddies were glad to have him here. Happenstance? Not a hope. This had been a long time in the planning. Sure, didn't he himself plant the warp tainted archeotech and his agent approved the location of the new refinery? The fools, they had no idea. The corpse Emperor on his toilet had no idea. It had been many years ago, but Silas Kendall now served new masters.

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