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Kallidus IV Campaign Week 3 - From Where The Blood Flows

General Erasmus turned away from the hololith projection of the surface of Kallidus IV. More Chaos reinforcements arrived on the planet every day, and hard pressed Imperial soldiers and Astartes were being slowly ground down by unexpected Xenos attacks. Imperial forces versus the Chaos filth could be planned for, but the Emperor damned aliens were a wildcard that even the best Imperial tacticians could not account for. He had shut himself away from the High Council with only his senior aides present. The Governor was alright, a smart enough man, but most of the council members were nothing more than high born morons and he had better things to do than listen to the self important fools wittering away. Erasmus snapped back to attention as the doors slid open. He had been quite clear in his instructions to the men sthe doohr - no interruptions. He turned to shout at whoever had been foolish enough to open the door, but stopped as he recognised Inquisitor Silas Kendall.

Campaign Week 3 - Scenario : The Blooding.

Deployment : Dawn of War

Mission : Slaughter
Destroy the enemy, while preserving your own forces. Kill Points. To win this mission, a player needs to score 2 or more Kill Points more than his opponent. If neither player achieves this, it is a draw.

If the game is a draw, each player scores 12 Campaign Points.
If the winner has less than twice as many Kill Points as his opponent, the winner scores 16 Campaign Points. The loser scores 8.
If the winner has twice as many Kill Points as his opponent, but less than three times as many, the winner scores 20 Campaign Points. The loser scores 4.
If the winner has three times as many Kill Points or more than his opponent, the winner scores 24 Campaign Points.

Achieving the Slay the Warlord secondary objective scores 2 Campaign Points.
Achieving the First Blood secondary objective scores 2 Campaign Points.
Achieving the Linebreaker secondary objective scores 2 Campaign Points.

Special Rule : The sickly purple light pulses continually, affecting targeting. All shooting is at -1BS, to a minimum of 1.

Forgemaster Filius of Clan Zu had located the Tau. His sensors indicated that they had formed a battle formation in the ruins of a promethium refinery just over the next hill. Forgemaster Filius knew the devestating effects of Tau weaponry, but he had his usual ace up his sleeve. At this very moment, Venerable Dreadnought Frank Zu would be ordering his fellow Dreadnoughts into their Drop Pods, ready for launch.
On the far side of the hill, Commander O'Quiglos ordered his army's deployment. The Iron Hands were waiting for something, and Commander O'Quiglos wasn't going to just sit there. His troops had embedded themselves deep in the cover of the ruined refinery buildings.

Paul Quigley (Tau) vs. Phil Johnston (Iron Hands Space Marines)

 photo<a href= photo DSCF0071.jpg photo DSCF0078.jpg  photo DSCF0082.jpg
Result - Paul 18, Phil 10.

It had almost gone to plan. The Iron Hands under Forgemaster Filius had launched their assault on the Tau position just as the first of the Drop Pods screamed into view. The pods had landed, the Dreadnoughts disembarked, and before they could bring their guns to bear the Tau opened up. The Iron Hands tried to cross the open spaces in front of the Tau position while the Xenos were occupied with the Dreadnoughts, but the sheer volume of fire from the enemy positions had forced them to withdraw. For now.

Farseer Shanius cast the runes one final time before mounting his Wave Serpent. His Witchsight had brought him and his host to the doomed planet of Kallidus IV. His target was an Imperial Inquisitor, Silas Kendall. He had become aware of the Space Wolves pack hunting him days before, and had withdrawn to this narrow mountain valley, luring them deliberately in order to enact a quick escape and concentrate on his real mission.

Stephen O'Hanlon (Space Wolves) vs. Shane Smyth (Eldar)

 photo DSCF0074.jpg  photo DSCF0079.jpg  photo DSCF0073.jpg  photo DSCF0083.jpg  photo DSCF0090.jpg
Result - Stephen 10, Shane 18.

Rune Priest Hanlus had caught up with the Eldar thanks to the information given to him by Inquisitor Silas Kendall. He had trapped them in a narrow valley in the Sandwyrm Mountains. The terrain here had proven to be extremely difficult to negotiate, and the Space Wolves had become bogged down, allowing the Eldar to break through his overextended lines in their grav tanks. Damn that Emperor-forsaken Inquisitor.

Chaos Lord Konrad the Bloodsoaked mounted his Juggernaut and glanced around at his followers. The captured Ecclesiarch had provided much sport as he was slowly tortured by the Chaos Space Marines. When he finally expired in an explosion of blood and viscera, wings unfolding, stepped the massive form of the Bloodthirster of Khorne. While the false priests of the corpse Emperor were good sacrifices, there were better ones nearby - Dark Angels.

Kevin Conrad (Chaos Space Marines/Chaos Daemons) vs. Alan Condren (Dark Angels)

 photo DSCF0075.jpg  photo DSCF0077.jpg  photo DSCF0086.jpg  photo DSCF0081.jpg  photo DSCF0087.jpg  photo DSCF0085.jpg
Result - Kevin 28, Alan 2

Interrogator Chaplain Alain Condrenus was wounded, but alive. It had all been going so well. His Deathwing Terminators had poured out of the Land Raider, and supported by his Assault Marines, crashed into and slaughtered the Chaos Bikers, slew the Daemon Prince and badly wounded the Chaos Lord. Things had been going well, but then the Chaos Lord thumped his axe into the Deathwing Sergeant. With a massive crack and a burst of flame, the Chaos Lord and his Juggernaut blended together into a giant, blood dripping Daemon. And that was where the trouble began.

Jamus Flamebringer, Sorcerer of the Black Legion, had made planetfall in his personal Stormbird less than an hour beforehand. Late arrivals to Kallidus IV, his warband had picked up the hated Black Templars warband on their scanners and had immediately set their co-ordinates to engage the hated lapdogs of the false Emperor.

Jamie Byrne (Chaos Space Marines) vs. Ralph Risk (Black Templars)

 photo DSCF0080.jpg  photo DSCF0084.jpg  photo DSCF0088.jpg  photo DSCF0089.jpg  photo DSCF0076.jpg
Result - Jamie 0, Ralph 30.

Jamus Flamebringer was regretting paying any heed to the psychic call he felt, bringing him to Kallidus IV. That champion with the massive sword - had he been seeking him out personally?
Emperor's Champion Ralphus was pleased with his day's work. He'd led his brethren straight into the heart of the Black Legion host and with his Black Sword sweeping left and right, sought out the Sorceror leading the enemy host, and battered him into the earth with a single swing. The enemy was now in full retreat, and the southern approach to Karlsberg was now secure.

Well, after three weeks we have Paul Quigley's Tau roaring out into the lead. Will Kallidus IV become the next addition to the Tau Empire? On the Imperial vs. Chaos front, three Imperial players (Ralph, Phil and Alan) vs. only a single Chaos player (Kevin) make the top five.

Paul 73
Ralph 45
Kevin 38
Phil 34
Alan 32
Stephen 26
Shane 18
Ger 17
Frank 16
Ronan 14
Jamie 0

Inquisitor Silas Kendall studied the hololith for a few moments. He could clearly detect a mixture of awe and fear rising from the General's command staff. He could taste it in the air, beginning to get a buzz from it. Ever since the incident on Rakarth, when he had his awakening and rebirth, he could use the emotions of others as nourishment as a lesser man used foodstuffs. After several minutes of silence, he beckoned General Erasmus over to the hololith. "Well, General, if we commit our forces here, here, and here, we could make a devestating breakthrough and regain control of the western refineries". Inquisitor Kendall smiled inwardly, tasting the sweet aura of the most potent emotion of them all.

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