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Kallidus IV Campaign Week 4 - The Battle for Karlsberg

General Erasmus and Governor Steinhelm stood against the wall in the Kallidus IV PDF headquarters command room. Neither man was used to being ignored in this room, but when the others present were either Astartes commanders or an Inquisitor, neither wanted to say much. The Astartes commanders - Black Templars Emperor's Champion Ralphus, Interrogator Chaplain Alain Condrenus of the Dark Angels, Forgefather Filius Zu of the Iron Hands and Space Wolves Rune Priest Hanlus - formed a semicircle around Inquisitor Silas Kendall at the hololith. Abruptly, the meeting came to an end, and they headed for the door with not a single word to either the PDF General or the Governor.
Later, Governor Steinhelm collapsed in the corridor of the Governor's palace. He turned an unpleasant shade of purple, was struggling to breathe and couldn't control his limbs.

Campaign Week 4 - Scenario : Take & Hold

Deployment - Vanguard Strike

Objectives - The Imperial defenders of the planetary capital of Karlsberg are being pushed back by the invaders. Place one objective in the centre of the battlefield. Each player then places two more objectives.

Scoring :
Controlling the central objective is worth 8 Campaign Points. If neither player controls this objective, both players score 4 Campaign Points.
Controlling the remaining objectives is worth 4 Campaign Points each. If neither player controls an objective, both players score 2 Campaign Points.
Completing the Linebreaker secondary objective is worth 2 Campaign Points.
Completing the First Blood secondary objective is worth 2 Campaign Points.
Completing the Slay the Warlord secondary objective is worth 2 Campaign Points.

Special Rule : The Plague
The planet has been struck with a mysterious viral illness. At the start of a player's movement phase, he rolls a D6 for each non-vehicle unit on the board (including units embarked in transports). On the roll of a 1, randomly select a model in the unit. That model must pass a Toughness test or suffer a wound (no saves of any kind, or Feel no Pain allowed). If the model fails the test, but survives, it must continue to test with the same consequences for failure, until it either passes a test or becomes a casualty.

Interrogator Chaplain Alain Condrenus tracked the approaching Eldar on his Land Raider's auspex scanner. The vile Xenos raiders had been sighted skirting a PDF guardpost just west of Karlsberg, and he had summoned his warriors to him, boarded his Thunderhawk and had found the Eldar exploring the ruins of an abandoned manufactorum unit.
Farseer Micus cast his runes for the fifth time. The signs were ominous. The artefact he sought was here, but there would be much bloodshed before he could claim it.

Mike Tangney (Eldar) vs. Alan Condren (Dark Angels)

 photo DSCF0015.jpg  photo DSCF0014.jpg  photo DSCF0009.jpg  photo DSCF0006.jpg
Result - Mike 16, Alan 10

Farseer Micus and the remaining Eldar withdrew under cover of darkness. His warriors had used mass shuriken fire to drive off the assaulting Dark Angels. He had located and recovered the lost Blade of Anarziel, and it was time for the next phase in his plans.

Rune Priest Hanlus had led his warriors to the north-east of Karlsberg. The Traitor Marines had wiped out a contingent of Imperial Tech-Priests who had refused to abandon their refinery at the approach of the Chaos Marines. The Space Wolves had volunteered to take the fight to the ancient enemy.
Chaos Lord Angerus Furyfist and his warband had fallen upon the isolated refinery and its contingent of Mechanicum Adepts with great glee and a mass slaughter had ensued. One of his Aspiring Champions approached him with a data slate. It seemed the Space Wolves, the lapdogs of the False Emperor were inbound. Angerus Furyfist mounted his bike and grinned savagely.

Stephen O'Hanlon (Space Wolves) vs. Ger O'Brien (Chaos Space Marines)

 photo DSCF0013.jpg  photo DSCF0011.jpg  photo DSCF0007.jpg  photo DSCF0008.jpg
Result - Stephen 8, Ger 22

Rune Priest Hanlus was forced into a humiliating retreat. It had all started so promisingly, the evil Chaos warlord had exploded into a drooling beast in a burst of green light and his forces pressed forward. He had expected the morale of the Chaos Marines to fall apart with the fate of their leader, but it seemed to do nothing more than inspire them to fight all the harder.

Tau Commander O'Quiglos had been successful in his battles beyond all expectations. His force had devestated the forces of the Gue'la, whether the brightly coloured ones or the dark, spiky kind. They were all the same to him, anyone who refused to join the forces of the Greater Good was his enemy to be destroyed.
To the south of Karlsberg, the Black Templars lay in wait for the forces of the Tau. The Imperial tacticians had been tracking their movement for the past several days, and their best estimates gave this location as the best place to lay an ambush.

Ralph Risk (Black Templars) vs. Paul Quigley (Tau)

 photo DSCF0016.jpg  photo DSCF0012.jpg  photo DSCF0010.jpg
Result - Ralph 4, Paul 26

Emperor's Champion Ralphus recovered consciousness. Everything was dark, and he couldn't move his legs. When his brethren found him, he had been buried in the rubble of a collapsed wall, the only thing that had protected him from being instantly gutted by a high velocity round. The Tau were nowhere to be seen, and too many of his brothers would never fight in the Emperor's name again.

Scores after four weeks

Paul 99
Ralph 49
Alan 42
Ger 39
Kevin 38
Phil 34
Stephen 34
Shane 18
Frank 16
Mike 16
Ronan 14
Jamie 0

Governor Albertus Steinhelm was dead. Despite the best surgeons and medicaes at the Imperial Hospital in Karlsberg, there was nothing that could be done for him. General Erasmus put the city under a state of martial law, and all citizens were withdrawn to shelters. Looting and rioting had begun.
Inquisitor Silas Kendall sipped at the last of the amasec in his hotel suite. Outside his window, the smoke rising from the battle in the city below was tinted purple by the warp flare in the distance.  

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