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Kallidus IV Campaign Week 5 - The Imperium Strikes Back

General Erasmus looked out the window of the council chamber in the Governor's Palace. The succession rules were quite clear, but Governor Steinhelm's young son had not yet been sworn in, and given the situation at the moment, might never be. The highest ranked PDF General - himself - was to take temporary control until order was restored, but the General didn't see that happening. The planet was in utter disarray, first the rioting and civil unrest then the invasion. Most of the surviving citizens were in shelters located in the planet's few urban centres, and a recent series of tectonic movements resulted in earthquakes, volcanic activity and other disasters. And that damned purple light seemed to glow all the brighter.

Campaign Week 5 - Scenario : Incursion

Deployment : Hammer and Anvil. Place terrain so that one end of the table is predominantly urban terrain, while the other end has more natural terrain. The Defender deploys at the urban end, the Attacker gets the other.

Objectives : Place three objectives, along a line drawn between the middles of the short table edges. Each is placed 18" apart, with the middle objective in the centre of the table. In this scenario, Imperial players are always the defender, Chaos players are always the attacker, and Xenos players can be either depending on their opponent's alignment.

Scoring :
Controlling an objective is worth 8 Campaign Points. Uncontrolled objectives give each player 4 Campaign Points.
Completing the First Blood secondary objective is worth 2 Campaign Points.
Completing the Slay the Warlord secondary objective is worth 2 Campaign Points.
Completing the Linebreaker secondary objective is worth 2 Campaign Points.

Special Rule : Warzone
This battle occurs on the outskirts of the planetary capital. The ground is severely damaged by the war. The entire board is Difficult Terrain. Any terrain that would normally be Difficult Terrain is also Dangerous Terrain. All models gain the Stealth special rule, to represent the better cover available.

Farseer Micus hoisted the fabled Blade of Anarziel in his left hand. The artifact had been recovered, and now he had to get his forces off the planet before it was corrupted utterly.
Chaos Lord Konrad the Bloodsoaked prepared to assault the Imperial city. There would be much slaughter to be had, and the scent of blood was in his nostrils. He stroked the head of his Juggernaut and roared loudly.

Mike Tangney (Eldar) defends against Kevin Conrad (Chaos Space Marines/Chaos Daemons)

 photo DSCF0007-1.jpg  photo DSCF0014-1.jpg  photo DSCF0010-1.jpg

Result : Mike 12, Kevin 20.

Farseer Micus looked back over his shoulder as his force began to filter into the webway portal. While there had been many irreplaceable losses on this cursed planet, his mission had been a success. The Blade of Anarziel was back in Eldar hands, and those Chaos worshipping scum wouldn't be getting their hands on it.
Konrad the Bloodsoaked climbed off the back of his Juggernaut. The slaughter had been good, very good indeed. Khorne would be pleased, the delicate taste of Eldar blood was a particular favourite.

Commander O'Ronan of the Tau Empire utilised the blacksun filter of his battlesuit to pick out the approaching Chaos Space Marines. His Tau force had found the perfect location from which to lay a devestating ambush.
Angerus Furyfist mounted his bike. He had found what he thought was a clear route into the city to strike against the Imperial forces. His auspex began to emit a slight bleeping noise, then the biker next to him was blown from his mount with a foot wide hole through his chest. Angerus grinned savagely, and raced toward the newly revealed figures in the distance.

Ronan Kelly (Tau) defends against Ger O'Brien (Chaos Space Marines)

 photo DSCF0001.jpg  photo DSCF0004.jpg  photo DSCF0009-1.jpg  photo DSCF0012-1.jpg  photo DSCF0013-1.jpg  photo DSCF0008-1.jpg

Result : Ronan 14, Ger 14.

Commander O'Ronan slipped out of the city under the cover of darkness. His force had slain several of the armoured Gue'la troopers, but many of his own warriors had fallen also. The Imperial city meant nothing to him, and neither did this planet. Time to leave, he and his men could be better used for the Greater Good elsewhere.
Angerus Furyfist laughed. Or what passed for laughter. The Tau had given his forces a bloody nose, yes, but the Tau had withdrawn and the path to his goal was now clear.

Renegade Crimson Fists Captain Hernandez cursed Chapter Master Pedro Kantor yet again. How dare he set Hernandez and his 5th company a "Crusade of Penance". All they had done was slaughter the Tau colony on Xerxis Secondus. So what if the Tau and Crimson Fists had been allied shortly before, Xenos were Xenos and they would become enemies again sooner rather than later. He spat on the ground again. Just his luck to be trapped on this damned planet just as this war broke out. Damn it all.
Tau Commander O'Quiglos tried not to let his anger get the better of him, but he'd finally found the Crimson Fists. He could still remember Xerxis Secondus. He was only a Crisis Battlesuit pilot at the time, but he remembered his fury at the burned buildings and mutilated corpses found in the ruins that night. Commander O'Quiglos had always given his full allegiance to the Greater Good, but this time, he was going to do this for himself.

Brian Leonard (Crimson Fists Space Marines) defends against Paul Quigley (Tau)

 photo DSCF0006.jpg  photo DSCF0003.jpg  photo DSCF0011-1.jpg  photo DSCF0005.jpg  photo DSCF0002.jpg

Result : Lenny 0, Paul 30.

It had taken 11 short minutes. The Crimson Fists had taken up position along the bastion walls, but it was to no avail. Crisis battlesuits and the Riptide effortlessly leapt the twenty foot high walls in a single bound, Kroot mercenaries and Stealth teams had already infiltrated behind the bastion walls. The Crimson Fists had been easily surrounded and eradicated by the overwhelming Tau firepower. Commander O'Quiglos had his warriors create a high pile of blue armoured bodies. These were then doused with promethium, and with a single burst of his Flamer, the pyre burned brightly. Not a single Crimson Fist survived the onslaught.

So, at the end of week 5 going into the final week, the scores stand as follows

Paul Quigley (Tau) - 129
Kevin Conrad (Chaos Space Marines/Chaos Daemons) - 58
Ger O'Brien (Chaos Space Marines) - 53
Ralph Risk (Black Templars) - 49
Alan Condren (Dark Angels) - 42
Phil Johnston (Iron Hands) - 34
Stephen O'Hanlon (Space Wolves) - 34
Ronan Kelly (Tau) - 28
Mike Tangney (Eldar) - 28
Shane Smyth (Eldar) - 18
Frank O'Donnell (Tyranids) - 16
Jamie Byrne (Chaos Space Marines) - 0

General Erasmus stood silently by the hololithic projector in the Council chamber. The room was in uproar, with council members and other noblemen shouting and screaming, trying to be heard. The General slowly opened the holster at his waist, drew his gilded Bolt Pistol, and fired into the ceiling. Quiet descended, and the General gestured to the hololith and began to speak. "Friends, the time has come. I wish I did not have to do this, but as acting Governor of Kallidus IV, I have contacted the Imperial Navy, and they will be here in three days. At this point, we will evacuate the planet. All citizens should make their way to the spaceport. The remaining PDF and Astartes will defend us as we evacuate. I have spoken to all their leaders, and they will give their lives to protect us if necessary. Now, I leave the rest of the evacuation to all of you. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to join my men."
Inquisitor Silas Kendall was the last to leave the Council chamber. As he left the room, he activated the miniature voxcaster hidden in his left cuff. "It's time, Johannes."

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