Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Carnage 2013 Report

So I've been a little slow to get this report up, we played the game on Wednesday 11th December. In the end we had 8 players, so that meant two games.

Game 1 - Alan (Dark Angels) vs. Jamie (CSM Khorne) vs. John (CSM Tzeentch) vs. Roman (CSM Nurgle)

 photo 9.jpg

This game began with John and Alan sandwiching Jamie's advancing Berserkers between their guns. Turn 1 resulted in Alan and Roman being mocked for cowardice as they refused to open nearby presents. Alan decided to open his in Turn 2 (after a healthy dose of peer pressure), failed his first Naughty or Nice test and lost a Grey Knight. Another Strike Marine opened a present and found.......a Power Sword!, leading Roman to comment "To him, that's probably the equivalent of getting socks for Christmas". Later, Roman shot down John's Heldrake ("It's not Christmas without roast turkey"). Jamie's Berserkers continued to get horribly mauled by shooting as John's Thousand Sons moved in to secure Santa's cave.

 photo 2.jpg
Tzeentch grants Khorne a special Christmas gift - Soul Blaze.

 photo 1.jpg
John's Thousand Sons rush to tell Santa what they want in their stockings this year.

 photo 8.jpg
I got it in a cracker!

 photo 6.jpg
It's Tzeentch's Santa hat now.

Game 2 - Lenny (Crimson Fists SM) vs. Stephen (Space Wolves) vs. Frank (Red Scorpions SM) vs. Colin (Imperial Guard)

 photo 5.jpg

This battle struggled to get started. Some early low rolls on the Blizzard table meant shooting was limited for the first two turns. Eventually the Blizzard let up, allowing us to reduce the number of models on the table. The game ended on turn 5, with victory to Stephen as he had Ragnar and 2 Grey Hunters within 6" of Santa's cave while nobody else had any. The area around the cave became a killing zone and the early finish meant nobody had made a real attempt to get a large force onto the objective.

 photo 4.jpg
Colin's Leman Russ Demolisher gets a little surprise as Frank's Dreadnought decides to "drop in" for a cup of tea and a mince pie.

 photo 7.jpg
After his victory, Ragnar decides to make a few snow angels.

Well, that concludes Christmas Carnage for another year. This was our last club meeting for 2013 and I hope everyone involved enjoyed themselves as much as I did with it. The Christmas Carnage increased from 4 players in 2011, 6 last year to 8 this year. What will next year have in store for the DGG? Who knows.

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  1. Nice report Lenny & I'm glad you posted that picture as I seem to need a haircut I noticed something sticking up in the air from my hesd lol