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Warpcon Tournament Report

Hello again everyone, I've been a bit lazy about posting this up for the last week and I really should get around to it, so here goes. Due to the time passed and the consumption of the odd alcohol-based beverage, the details have gotten lost in the mist so I'll just be giving a quick overview of each game.

A quick reminder of my army lists :
 photo Warpcon-Rask.jpg
 Rask (6 WP)
   Blackhide Wrastler (9)
   Swamp Horror (8)
   Bull Snapper (3)
Gatorman Posse [Leader & 4 Grunts] (9)
Gatorman Posse [Leader & 4 Grunts] (9)
Bog Trog Ambushers [Leader & 9 Grunts] (8)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (1)
Gatorman Witch Doctor (3)
Gatorman Witch Doctor (3)
Thrullg (3)

 photo Warpcon-Maelok.jpg
Maelok the Dreadbound (6 WP)
   Blackhide Wrastler (9)
   Bull Snapper (3)
   Bull Snapper (3)
Gatorman Posse [Leader & 4 Grunts] (9)
Gatorman Posse [Leader & 4 Grunts] (9)
Bog Trog Ambushers [Leader & 5 Grunts] (5)
Gatorman Witch Doctor (3)
Gatorman Witch Doctor (3)
Thrullg (3)
Totem Hunter (3)
Croak Hunter (2)
Croak Hunter (2)
Croak Hunter (2)

Arriving on Saturday morning we discovered a field of 25 players for the event. This matched the numbers for the Warhammer Fantasy tournament and was one more than for the Warhammer 40,000. The Warmachine community is really coming strong in Ireland these days and that's a testament to the hard work of the event organisers and the excellent spirit of the players. In all of the Warmachine events I've attended, and I've been to a good few at this stage, I've only ever had an issue with one person ever.

Anyway, the round one draw was made.

Game 1 vs. Michael Porter, Legion of Everblight. Destruction Scenario.

First up was Mike and his Thagrosh led Legion army. I dropped Rask. I pushed forward with my main force while the Bog Trog Ambushers came in on my right side to get the drop on the Legion and provide a distraction for Mike. I destroyed Mike's objective for one Control Point and pushed him out of the zone for two more. Attrition forced Mike to go for a long shot assassination that did not work out for him. I considered going for the scenario win for tiebreakers but with Thagrosh too close to Rask for comfort I just played it safe and assassinated him instead.

Win, by assassination. Scored 3-0 on CPs and destroyed 62 points with only the loss of 20 of my own.

 photo 1-1.jpg  photo 1-2.jpg  photo 1-3.jpg  photo 1-4.jpg  photo 1-5.jpg

Game 2 vs. Daniel Porter, Cygnar. Balance of Power Scenario.

After my win over Mike, I drew his brother in round two. Dan had the nasty Cygnar combo of Caine2/Haley2 and picked Caine. I dropped Maelok in this round. Dan pushed forward with his jamming infantry while maintaining Caine's ranged assassination threat. Gators lack any really effective ways to get to Caine's support solos but I was able to make progress through attrition while pushing forward. I was able to get into the zone and start scoring CPs, but Dan was able to dominate his own flag and take some away (I would have won on scenario without this). I looked for an opportunity to unleash Maelok's feat and charge into Caine, but Dan didn't leave me enough room to do so. After I had killed off a lot of Dan's infantry, I was in a good position but Dan was able to use all of his remaining forces to just about assassinate Maelok. I forgot to take any more photos once the game began as I was focusing on not getting Maelok shot up.

Loss, by assassination. Scored 2 CPs to Dan's none but lost 40 points of my own army and only killed 21.

 photo 2.jpg

Game 3 vs. Eoin "Siskey" Dornan, Protectorate of Menoth. Close Quarters Scenario. 

Now on a 1-1 record, I drew Siskey and his Protectorate of Menoth. He had Kreoss1 and Kreoss3, and opted for Kreoss3, while I played Maelok again. We both pushed forward and the game turned into a good scrap in the area of the two flags. No CPs were scored on either side as we both had lots of troops in the area. My chance arose here when Siskey timed out his turn before activating Kreoss. I went for it, feating with Maelok. I cleared off a couple of his Exemplar Vengers (who had magical attacks and could free strike me even with my Incorporeal. I used Revive and got a full unit of Gatormen into melee with Kreoss, gave myself re-rolls to hit and started to get nervous as I rolled poorly for damage, until one good roll took him down.

Win, by assassination. No CPs on either side, I killed 43 points while only losing 6.

 photo 3-1.jpg  photo 3-2.jpg  photo 3-3.jpg

Game 4 vs. Killian Buckley, Khador. Incursion Scenario.

On the morning of day two, I was paired down to play Killian and his Khador. He decided to use Karchev, and with so much heavy armour, I had to go with Rask. Killian pushed his infantry forward too quickly, and I was able to wipe them out quickly, between the Bog Trogs, Gatorman Posse units and a Boundless Charging, Elasticated Blackhide Wrastler. Killian was able to send in his heavy warjacks and killed off the Wrastler and tied up the Gatorman Posse units. I had trouble cracking his high armour, although I did take out Behemoth with the Furied Wrastler. Despite losing the Blackhide Wrastler, I decided to go for the assassination as I figured I wasn't destroying both Kodiaks. A Fury on the Swamp Horror did for most of Karchev's damage grid, and I finished him with some Bog Trog Ambushers in the back.

Win, by assassination. No CPs again, but I killed 59 points for the loss of only 18.

 photo 4-1.jpg  photo 4-2.jpg

Game 5 vs. Patrick Long, Trollbloods. Outflank Scenario.

I was on 3-1 at this point and know it would be tough. Patrick had both Madrak2 and Doomshaper2, and went for Madrak, against which I played Maelok. Patrick had a lot of very tough infantry, and the game turned into a slugfest until he used his feat, which was devestating against my army. I tried a long shot assassination that predictably failed and lost Maelok next turn.

Loss, by assassination. No CPs yet again for either of us, but I only killed 8 points to 41 lost.

 photo 5-1.jpg  photo 5-2.jpg

So overall I finished 3-2, achieving my goal of winning more than half of my games. I had a lot of fun at the tournament, and it was good to get to Warpcon and see all of the usual suspects, as well as getting to meet the local Warmachine players, some of whom I knew from other events and some that I didn't. I still say Warmachine has the best gaming community of any game I've played.

I got some photos from the awards ceremony too.
 photo LastPlace.jpg
Last Place, Steve Wagstaff

 photo BestNewcomer.jpg
Gary Griffin, Best Newcomer.

 photo WarpconWMH3rdPlace.jpg
Pete Croft, 3rd Place.

 photo 2ndPlace.jpg
Patrick Long, 2nd Place.

 photo Winner.jpg
Warpcon 2014 Warmachine Champion, Jason Jensen.

Final Standings
Player - Faction (Score-SoS-CP-PointsDestroyed)

Jason Jensen - Cryx (5-15-19-129)
Patrick Long - Trollbloods (4-17-15-174)
Pete Croft - Khador (4-16-5-184)
Stuart Gorman - Trollbloods (4-15-7-160)
Pat Dunford - Cygnar (4-14-23-173)
Daniel Porter - Cygnar (3-15-6-162)
Gary Griffin - Cryx (3-14-5-177)
Dave Burlison - Skorne (3-14-5-123)
Michael Porter - Legion of Everblight (3-13-12-174)
Phil Doogan - Circle Orboros (3-13-10-132)
Brian Leonard - Minions (3-13-5-195)
Dan Common - Khador (3-13-1-137)
Brian Caball - Cygnar (3-10-6-148)
Robert Read - Cryx (3-7-6-60)
Alan Buckley - Cygnar (2-14-3-94)
Nick Meade - Minions (2-13-1-115)
Conor Burnell - Trollbloods (2-12-6-96)
Mark Hayes - Retribution of Scyrah (2-12-1-68)
Phil Johnston - Cryx (2-11-7-66)
Killian Buckley - Khador (2-10-0-103)
Alex McHugh - Trollbloods (2-9-2-68)
Eoin Dornan - Protectorate of Menoth (1-12-7-103)
Luke Eastlake - Protectorate of Menoth (1-11-1-104)
Keith Boardman - Khador (1-10-3-142)
Steve Wagstaff - Circle Orboros (0-10-3-83)

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