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Cygnar vs. Convergence - Scars of Caen Battle Report

So last night I kicked off the Scars of Caen league with a 50pt game vs. Ciaran Bolger and his Convergence of Cyriss. We decided to play one of the league scenarios, so I rolled a dice to decide which one. The roll came up a 6, giving us the "Burned Out" scenario in the Molten Nexus location. Note that we both took advantage of the league rules to field a Charred Ironclad (Purist - gains Unyielding) on my side and two Charred Ciphers (Purist - May choose direction when AoEs scatter).

Our army lists were as follows. I had just thrown my painted Cygnar as well as some random stuff into my case. I brought both Stryker1 and Siege, and randomised which I would use with a dice roll.

Lenny - Cygnar
Major Marcus "Siege" Brisbane (5 WP)
   Charred Ironclad (7)
   Charger (4)
   Squire (2)
Journeyman Warcaster (3)
   Hunter (6)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios (3)
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2)
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (4)
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages [Leader & 5 Grunts] (6)
   Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer (2)
Long Gunner Infantry [Leader & 9 Grunts] (10)
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt (4)

Ciaran - The Great Machine (Tier 4)
Forge Master Syntherion (6 WP)
   Prime Axiom (19)
   Charred Cipher (9)
   Charred Cipher (9)
   Corollary (3)
   Diffuser (3)
   Galvaniser (free for Tier 4)
Optifex Directive [Leader & 2 Grunts] (2)
Optifex Directive [Leader & 2 Grunts] (2)
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex (1)
3 Attunement Servitors (2)
3 Attunement Servitors (2)
3 Elimination Servitors (2)
3 Reflex Servitors (2)

 photo 1.jpg

Ciaran won the roll to go first and being lazy I decided to stay where I was. I had no idea how I was going to deal with six Vectors that could Induct Focus around the battlefield. I had no real heavy hitters apart from my Ironclad, and that wasn't going to beat a Prime Axiom and two Ciphers by itself. I was going to have to rely on picking my spots and trying to co-ordinate firepower to destroy Vectors in one go, as Ciaran had plenty of models to repair as well as Syntherion's ability to automatically repair his Vectors each turn. Of course, that's easier said than done.

In the early turns I focused on taking out Ciaran's servitors, as they could be both dangerous and annoyingly position themselves to impede my models. My opening activation involved moving up Eiryss and using a Phantom Seeker to take out a dug in Elimination Servitor. Needing 3 to hit, I rolled double 1s. It turned out dice were going to be a major factor in this game. My second turn was a lot more efficient, with Eiryss, the Charger, the Gun Mages and CRAing Long Gunners accounting for the majority of them. Still had to deal with all of those Vectors though.

 photo 2.jpg

That, of course, involved surviving Ciaran's retaliation. The Prime Axiom, which had spiked some early damage on my Hunter, targeted my poor unfortunate Charger, boosting to hit with it's drag.....and missed. The second one, however, did not......

 photo 3.jpg

And my poor Charger was now in deep trouble, or so I thought, as Ciaran proceeded to chain a horrible sequence of hit rolls and managed to miss it completely. His other fire took out a few Long Gunners and Ryan of the Black 13th, but I was relieved. I had expected to lose my Ironclad to the Prime Axiom, but I'd gotten away with it. Now it was time for revenge.

Eiryss skirted the forest to threaten Disruptor Bolts to Syntherion, then I began Operation Colossal Scrap Metal. I started with a Rust Bomb from Gorman, then added Kiss of Lyliss from Aiyana. Holt's Hand Cannons did a bit of damage, before a Rocket from Siege was followed with his feat. Conor was encouraging me to feat before the rocket shot, but I had a better idea, and charged in with the Ironclad. The charge attack hit, and we calculated that the damage roll was a massive 3D6+12. I had hoped to scrap it here and now, but one of my Quake Hammer attacks missed. I added the firepower of the Black 13th, but Lynch also missed, then the Hunter finished it.

 photo 4.jpg

I then emptied some Long Gunner fire into the Galvaniser (first shot was a useful 2D6+6 thanks to the feat) and finished it with the Journeyman's Hand Cannon. The Gun Mages shot into the Cipher. I'd have liked to get the Critical Brutal Damage on the first hit, but didn't. Not a bad turn, but retaliation was to be swift.

Ciaran gave the Cipher on the right Pathfinder and repaired it up. His other Cipher stepped over the obstacle, and killed off Gorman, the Squire, and the Stormsmith, despite having been Disrupted due to Syntherion's feat allowing it to both shoot and fight. The Diffuser charged the Black 13th, killing Lynch and causing Watts to flee. Then the second Cipher charged the Ironclad. Despite the Ironclad sitting on ARM 23 (Arcane Shield from the Journeyman plus Unyielding) the Cipher still managed to scrap it, Ciaran getting the 12 needed on the final damage roll to kill it.

That turn had been a tough one, but Eiryss stepped up and nailed Syntherion with a Disruptor Bolt (it was hard to induct focus you haven't got). The Charger then tried to kill the Forge Master, but the dice didn't co-operate so rather than shooting Syntherion again, I damaged the Corollary a bit instead. Aiyana used Kiss of Lyliss on the Cipher threatening Siege, and Holt and the Gun Mages inflicted a little damage, then I charged in with Siege, but he left the Cipher on two boxes. I had intended to charge the Hunter into the Diffuser to free up Watts, but had to use it to finish off the Cipher to save Siege from a potentially messy death. I opted to move Watts away from the Diffuser, who failed to kill him with the free strike, then nearly destroyed it with the Long Gunners.

 photo 5.jpg

Ciaran was running out of models at this point. I was certain he would send the surviving Cipher in to end Siege this turn, since he had no focus left, but he repaired it instead of giving it Pathfinder. He repaired up the damage I had inflicted on Syntherion also. The Cipher, seeing as it couldn't reach Siege, scrapped my Charger instead. I also lost my Journeyman Warcaster this turn to the Diffuser.

I made the decision to go for the assassination this turn. I was not going to kill the Cipher, so I needed to end Syntherion. Eiryss opted for Death Bolt over Disruptor Bolt (possibly an error in hindsight), and Siege fired a rocket doing some decent damage. Watts used Brutal Damage to finish the Diffuser. I opted to aim and CRA with the Long Gunners, but as Syntherion was not in range, the shots went into the Corollary instead. I probably should have advanced. The Gun Mages moved, two of them into range and went for Critical Brutal Damage. The first hit, but didn't get the critical, while the second did. Needing a 14 to finish Syntherion, I picked up the dice, searched for Snappy to rub his head for luck, then remembered I was playing Cygnar and he was at home. I rolled 11, Syntherion lived, and I was regretting not using Disruptor Bolt.....

 photo 6.jpg

Ciaran, having very few models left, loaded up the Cipher with Focus, repaired it and Syntherion, and gave it Pathfinder, then went for Siege. Having camped 4, Siege was ARM 21 against P&S 18, and with some mediocre dice rolling on Ciaran's part, survived (much to my surprise). The charge attack roll being particularly poor helped.

So I was to get another attempt at Syntherion. He had moved into cover of the Prime Axiom's wreck marker. Eiryss went first, Disruptor Bolt, hit but no damage. Aiyana then got the 9 she needed to hit with Kiss of Lyliss, but Holt missed. Siege went next, Force Hammer on the Cipher to get out of melee and fired a Rocket, leaving Syntherion on two boxes. The Long Gunners had aimed but only two were in range (should have advanced, one six man CRA would have been better). Watts also missed. All I had left were the Gun Mages, who advanced, went for Arcane Inferno, hit, and rolled high for damage. Down went the Forge Master, and victory was mine.

 photo 7.jpg

Well, that really was a cracking game. I thought I was officially screwed at least twice, but the dice conspired to save my ass. Ciaran's dice swung from amazing, to crap, back to amazing, and then back to crap again. As I hadn't played Cygnar in a long time, and had never played Siege (although I have played against him), Ciaran was very helpful and pointed out a few things along the way, as did Conor who was watching the game. I know I made a good few mistakes, but hopefully I picked up a few things. I need to play a few more games this week to complete the Purist campaign ritual (3 games in first week), so I hope to get a couple more in on Sunday.

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