Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Scars of Caen Campaign Season 1 - In Review

Season 2 of the Scars of Caen campaign is almost upon us and I've been a little bit lax on posting here recently, so I think it's about time I posted this up. I was playing a Purist Cygnar army, and here's how I got on.

First game up was against Ciaran Bolger and his Convergence of Cyriss. I've already written about that game here -, so I won't go into any more detail about that here.

Next up I played against Conor Goulding and his Cygnar. I played Haley2 vs. Constance Blaize. I managed to go well up on attrition despite Conor's feat. I dropped one of Gorman's Acid Bombs on the Sword Knights, but most of them simply refused to dissolve into slop (very unkind of them) and were able to wreck the Hunter, giving Blaize a charge lane to Haley.

 photo 1.jpg  photo 2-2.jpg  photo 3-2.jpg  photo 4.jpg  photo 5-1.jpg

My next game was against Conor Burnell and his Trollbloods. I played Siege vs. Madrak (the original one, I think). I overstretched myself here looking for a good feat turn to get through the wall of Trollblood armour. I managed to force 4 Warders to Tough with a single Ground Pounder (at dice-1, I rolled four 9s) but in doing so I underestimated Mulg's ability to reach Siege.

 photo 1-1.jpg  photo 2.jpg  photo 3.jpg  photo 4-1.jpg

I then played Anthony O'Reilly and his Legion of Everblight. My Gators have been on the recieving end of several beatings from Anto's Cryx over the last while and I thought this might be my chance for some revenge, until he told me he was using Legion. I played Haley2 vs his Vayl (I think it was Vayl1, but not sure) with five heavy beasts and little else. I thought I was doing well after killing off four of his heavies in one go, but Haley was on fire as I had left her too close to the Ironclad when Anto's Ravagore shot it. This left her damaged enough for Vayl's assassination attempt. I'm going to have to learn to keep Haley safe, I keep sticking her out too far.

 photo 1-2.jpg  photo 2-1.jpg  photo 3-1.jpg  photo 4-2.jpg  photo 5.jpg

My final league game was against Khalid Mubarak and his Retribution of Scyrah. I played Stryker1 vs. Khalid's Rahn. I was able to take limited damage from the Retribution firepower on my way in. It turns out that a league Ironclad is horrible when you get it to ARM28 (Base 18 + Unyielding + Arcane Shield + Stryker's feat). I was able to get into Khalid's back line and hold him up while Stryker completed his objective for a scenario win.

 photo 1-3.jpg  photo 2-3.jpg  photo 3-3.jpg  photo 4-3.jpg  photo 5-2.jpg

Overall I finished the League with 30 points, that was fourth among the Purist players and would have been joint third if I had played Opportunist. Next time I need to get more games in and paint some stuff for hobby points. Aiming to complete a few rituals will help too.

Congratulations to Conor Goulding as Purist and Overall Winner and Mark Hall as Opportunist Winner. Thanks again to Ciaran Bolger for running the league.

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