Monday, 2 June 2014

What I Painted Last Month - May 2014

It's not been a great month for me on the painting front. I've been a bit busy with some other things and my painting time has taken a bit of a hit, and I've been a bit lazy on the blogging front too. I have a load of stuff to write about, hope to get some of it up over the next while.

What I have been painting is some more High Elves. Although I did no hobby butterflying on the army front, I did mix and match on the units I painted. At the moment, on the painting table are Swordmasters, Archers, Silver Helms, White Lions and a couple of characters. Really should pick one unit and focus on it, but the Archers involve white robes and the Silver Helms mean painting steeds, so motivation comes and goes for those units. BroCon is getting close, I'm looking out for a rulespack so I can work on an army list which will allow me to focus my painting efforts.

With 7th edition 40K now upon us (should probably read that rulebook), I'm planning on painting up a new army of combined Inquisition/Vostroyan Imperial Guard/Grey Knights. I hope to get started on that too.

Anyway, what I did get done - 6 Archers and 5 Swordmasters.

 photo Archers1-6.jpg

 photo Swordmasters1-5.jpg

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