Thursday, 11 December 2014

Warmachine/HORDES World Team Championship 2015 - Ireland Part I (The Bid)

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Yes, as I mentioned in my previous post, the Irish bid to host the World Team Championship next year was successful. I'm on the organising committee for the event, as I jumped at the chance to get involved when Gerry Nolan sought volunteers. I mean, how many chances am I going to get a chance to be involved in the running of one of the largest Warmachine/HORDES tournaments in the world? The expansion of the WTC in the last couple of years is proof of the fantastic worldwide community who play the game and it continues to expand rapidly, with 52 teams represented at the 2014 event in Poland, including teams travelling from places such as Australia, China and the US.

As successful as the 2014 event was, as far as I can see it, our job is to make the 2015 WTC the best one yet. There's no point in running this event without trying to be bigger and better, and whoever gets the job for WTC 2016 will want to improve on our event. The organising committee, myself, Gerry Nolan, John Foster, Ciaran Bolger and Owen Conlan first had to prepare our bid to be put to the captain's vote.

First up, we needed a venue. We contacted several potential venues to inquire if their facilities would be capable of meeting all of the necessary criteria to host the WTC. It is a requirement that the venue be able to provide not only the gaming space, but also accommodation and food for all of the attendees. This requirement severely limits the potential venues for the event, but we were very fortunate in this regard that the Killarney Convention Centre in Co. Kerry not only can provide the necessary facilities, they were very interested in hosting the event and were more than willing to help out with organising our bid. Not only are the facilities and accommodation excellent, but Killarney is a very beautiful part of the world. In addition to that, not only should we be able to host up to 64 teams for the WTC itself, but will allow us to host a solo Masters for up to 128 players as well.

With a venue sourced, the next step was to prepare a budget and presentation for submission to the WTC committee. The committee found our bid acceptable to put forward to the captain's vote. We were up against a bid from the US.

We had originally intended to run the event on the 25th-27th September, but due to the double booking by the venue (we're clashing with the opening dates of the Cliff Richard European tour), we have moved the date forward by one week, the 18th-20th September.

With the bid submitted and the vote won, it was then I realised that all of the promises we had made now actually had to be fulfilled. Turns out organising the bid presentation was the easy part.......

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