So who is this Lenny anyway?

Hi everyone, I'm Lenny and I've been playing wargames for over 15 years now. I got my first box set for my 13th birthday, Warhammer 5th edition, and I've been hooked ever since. I played the occasional game in my teen years, but didn't start to play much until I was 19. I started playing in the Games Workshop in Dublin, back in the days before the introduction many of their anti-gamer policies. I currently play with the Underground Gamers on Tuesdays and the Dublin Games Guild on Wednesdays, both of which meet in Gamers World in Dublin City Centre. I also occasionally visit The Last Chancers, who play in the Hobby Shack in Wicklow town on Thursday nights. I do like attending tournaments and events, even if I'm rarely very successful at them, mostly because of the great people who also attend.

Warhammer was my first game, and while I used to be a pretty competitive tournament player, I now just play friendly matches from time to time. I currently have Dwarf and Dark Elf armies, and am starting to dabble with High Elves (who were my first army back in the day) and Warriors of Chaos armies.

Warhammer 40,000 is the game I play most at this moment in time. I play Flesh Tearers (a Blood Angel successor chapter), sometimes with Imperial Guard or Space Wolves as allies. I also have enough figures for Imperial Guard, Crimson Fists, Eldar, Dark Eldar and Dark Angels armies, which I really need to finish. My current projects include painting more Flesh Tearers and Space Wolves for BroCon in July, and Chaos Space Marines for NWG at the end of September.

I occasionally dabble in Warmachine and HORDES, for which I have Cygnar and Blindwater Congregation armies, as well as figures for Cryx, Trollbloods and Skorne.

Other games I play occasionally include
  • Blood Bowl, a game I love but never play enough with Human, Orc and Elf teams.
  • Empire of the Dead, with a Gentleman's Club
  • Gorkamorka, Orkz iz da best!
  • SAGA, which I'm just getting into and really like. I have Breton and Scots warbands.
  • Inquisitor, currently beginning a campaign with my Radical Ordo Malleus Inquisitor and friends.
I'm also interested in getting into Dreadball, have some Warlord Games Romans I should paint up and would like to get an army for Bolt Action. As you can see, Hobby Butterfly is appropriate.

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